Non-Profit Entities Asked To Identify Best 403(b) Practices

Non-profit organizations that sponsor 403(b) plans have an opportunity to find out how their retirement program compares to others across the nation by participating in the 2014 Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) 403(b) Plan Survey .

The sixth annual survey, sponsored by the Principal Financial Group, features relevant questions on key market topics. Non-profit organizations that participate will receive a free copy of the survey report and an invitation to a webinar that provides an in-depth discussion of the results.

“This is the only survey that provides this kind of in-depth and essential information on how 403(b) sponsors are managing their retirement programs,” said Bob Benish , executive director of PSCA. “Based on the high attendance at our webinar last year, we know 403(b) sponsors are eager to compare their plans with those across the nation. The more sponsors who participate, the deeper and more valuable the benchmarking information.”

The 2014 PSCA Survey results will be available in May and will provide valuable benchmarking data on:

The short survey, at , has been streamlined and will take less than 15 minutes to complete. To make it even easier to complete for plan sponsors who participated in 2013, PSCA is pre-populating responses from last year into the survey.

Sponsors must submit the survey by March 14, 2014 .

Valuable information for financial professionals and third party administrators “When the results are available, financial professionals can meet with clients who completed the survey, attend the free webinar and help with benchmarking. This could provide an opportunity for the financial professional to make recommendations,” said Aaron Friedman , national tax-exempt practice leader, The Principal. “Financial professionals and third party administrators can build relationships and add value by notifying their 403(b) clients of this opportunity to receive free third-party research.”