CCH Asks User Conference Attendees... "Have You Hit the Wall Yet?"

PHOENIX - Oct. 29, 2013 - At CCH's annual user conference, attendees are participating in an unusual type of interactive survey.

Instead of a form, app or website, the conference organizers created a way for accounting firms to answer a different question each day of the event, with attendees sticking decals to a large wall. On day one, the question was, "What group of staff are you looking to expand within your firm?"

"We’ve been asking attendees to 'Hit the Wall' and use a Wolters Kluwer, CCH logo decal to mark their answer on a large wall in a high-traffic area," said Marisa Westcott, CCH vice president of strategic marketing. "Attendees place decals below the question of the day and above one of the multiple choice answers at the bottom."

In addition to being able to visually see a comparison between the different options, CCH computed the results, which were:

  • Equity Partners          7.42 %
  • Non-Equity Partners  4.67%
  • Senior Staff                43.96 %
  • Junior Staff                20.05%
  • New Hires                 18.13%
  • None                         5.77 %

"It’s been a great way to engage our attendees and produce a large visual that really makes a statement with many participating," Westcott added. "Not only can attendees vote, but they also gain value by seeing where all their peers have lined up their answers."