H&R Block software glitch could delay 600,000 income tax refunds

A glitch in the software that H&R Block and some other preparation services use could cause those who filed in February and who are claiming education tax credits to have a longer wait on their refunds.

The Internal Revenue Service announced on Wednesday that the software issue has been fixed, but that returns filed with the system could be delayed by four to six weeks from their original anticipated refund date.

Taxpayers who electronically file their tax returns, whether using a do-it-yourself program or a paid tax preparer, usually can expect a direct deposit refund in 10-14 business days.

While no nationwide problems have affected other tax preparation offices or professional tax software used by accountants and CPAs, problems have been reported for Minnesota taxpayers who use Intuit's consumer and professional line, which includes TurboTax.

The state's Department of Revenue has even advised taxpayers not to use the system for filing in that state, although Intuit has announced that their software issue has also been resolved.