The best tech enabled hotel in the world?

Chicago’s largest hotel is now the most tech-savvy hotel in the world and seems ready to handle the most digital guests, whether traveling on business or pleasure.

The Hyatt Regency Chicago, which is also the largest property that Hyatt operates worldwide, is set to unveil a $168 million renovation this April that will transform the entire property into a sleek, technology-driven oasis for travelers and locals alike.

From the moment guests enter the hotel, they are immersed in a haven of technology, designed to optimize time, comfort, convenience and safety. Behind the tech-savvy transformation is Chicago’s AVT Event Technologies, a firm specializing in A/V services catering to the hospitality industry.

“The goal was to provide guests with approachable technology options designed to optimize their stay,” says Patrick Donelly, General Manager. “From checking in, to navigating their way around the property, we’ve taken every measure to ensure productivity through technology.”

iPad and Kiosk Check-In

In addition to the traditional face-to-face check-in, Hyatt Regency Chicago now provides guests with the opportunity to check-in with a lobby ambassador using iPads, or with  kiosk, which are strategically placed throughout the lobby.

Operating on Micros’ OPERA Property Management System platform, guests can use kiosks to select their room, inquire about upgrades and even obtain a RFID room key with the tap of a fingertip. 

High Security

Hyatt Regency Chicago is the city’s largest hotel, so ensuring top-notch property security was a focused priority.

The property’s public areas are blanketed in HDMI over IP based high-megapixel cameras. Using software called Avigillon, the security team can monitor these public areas from any location on the property using their mobile devices, or from the security base.

A Digital Guide

Upon entering Hyatt Regency Chicago’s lobby, guests will have no issues navigating the property thanks to 106 large-format plasma television displays, many of which contain interactive touchscreen technology powered by FourWinds Interactive software.

Digital signage, rotated daily, guides visitors to their respective convention spaces, signifies meeting spaces, displays the weather and guides guests seamlessly to their destination.

Additionally, interactive displays featuring touchscreen technology allows guests to use Google Maps to find their way around the city, inquire about hotel services and locate meeting spaces.

Unplugged at Hyatt Regency Chicago

With over 800 wireless access points hidden throughout the property, guests can stay “plugged-in” to business while remaining unplugged and bogged down by cords and wires. Guests can roam the property with a flawless connection to the outside world.