NetDocuments Upgrade Available to iManage, Worldox and OpenText Users at No Cost

NetDocuments announced today that it will offer a free upgrade to the cloud for current users of iManage, Worldox or OpenText. NetDocuments provides cloud content management and collaboration services to organizations of all sizes, including Charles Schwab.

The promotional offer lets users upgrade from on-premise content management solutions to NetDocuments at no cost until June 30, 2013. The offer applies to organizations with 20 to 2,000 users and waives the cost of data migration, account configuration and administrative training.

"The recent switch offers from Worldox and OpenText didn't acknowledge the shortcomings of simply swapping one on-premise, server-based system for another," said Leonard Johnson, NetDocuments vice president of marketing and product management. "While our on-premise competitors claim to alleviate iManage customer struggles, we give organizations the opportunity to leave behind the costly, hardware-intensive systems and upgrade to our superior cloud-based service. By deploying to the cloud, organizations not only eliminate hardware, but benefit from increased disaster recovery, security, mobility, improved collaboration and infinite scalability."

NetDocuments will handle the entire transition from on-premise to the cloud, which includes data migration, account configuration, administrative training and end-user training. The promotional offer covers the implementation cost, but users will be responsible for the cost of end-user training. In addition,

“There is substantial cost in moving data from servers to the cloud and, for large firms, the implementation costs can be a big portion of the total cost and a huge barrier to making the switch to the cloud,” said Marriott Murdock, Brand and Marketing Manager, NetDocuments. “By offering a free upgrade until June 30, we are hoping to help alleviate this barrier, while giving organizations enough time for due diligence – to do research and security checks, fill out forms and create a plan for migration.”