Cougar Mountain Software Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Cougar Mountain Software is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The Boise, Idaho-based company was founded in 1982 by Robert Gossett, with the goal to provide a solution to small businesses that needed better, trustworthy, and powerful accounting systems. Since then, the company has grown to have its software used by thousands of businesses. This year the company is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Chuck Gossett, who became Cougar Mountain Software CEO in 2008, said the long-term success of the company can be attributed to two things: dedicated staff and loyal customers. "Our employee base is key, and Cougar Mountain Software is a loyalty-based company. We have approximately forty dedicated and well-trained employees. The software is designed, built, and supported all in one place, and that sense of camaraderie creates a distinctive energy amongst the development, sales, customization, training, and support teams.”

Cougar Mountain Software’s Professional 2012 Payroll was awarded 4 stars by CPA Practice Advisor, who also rated Cougar Mountain’s DENALI Retail & POS with 4.5 stars.

"We have many customers who have been using our solutions for more than 20 years," Gossett added. "As their businesses have grown we’ve adapted the solutions to meet their needs.” Cougar Mountain Software will recognize many of these long-term and loyal customers during the remainder of 2012.