eFileCabinet Releases Mobile App

eFileCabinet, Inc., a provider of enterprise content management solutions, recently released the eFileCabinet Online mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store, allows current users to access their stored files from their mobile devices at anytime. Users simply download the app and link it to an existing eFileCabinet Online account to preview and download any file that’s been uploaded to their account.

“Teaming eFileCabinet Online with the newest mobile devices will revolutionize the way our clients run their businesses,” said Matt Peterson, President & CEO of eFileCabinet. “With the eFileCabinet Mobile app, business is no longer tethered to the office. Users can view, download, and share their documents while on the road, or in a meeting. This kind of unlimited access can cut down on time spent printing, faxing and transferring files from one location to another. Even more important, road warriors can use the app to increase business and improve customer satisfaction.”

With the eFileCabinet mobile app, users can email documents, photos and videos directly to their clients. The app also lets users take photos of documents from their mobile device and upload the images to their eFileCabinet Online account as PDFs, which can then be accessed securely from any PC or mobile device. Other features of the mobile app include the ability to print directly from the mobile device and customization of security settings.