How to Make Payroll Insanely Profitable

Payroll used to be tedious, and then several national companies came in and, for the most part, most professionals were fine with that. Their clients were getting "good enough" service through the service providers, without the hassle for the firm. But with advances in technology over the past couple of years, payroll is something you should look at again. If you could automate pretty much every aspect of payroll, and offer it to your clients at a cost to you of under $20 per month including all payroll frequencies, direct deposits, third-party payments and compliance reporting, you can see how it could quickly become a profitable service. You pay $20, you charge your clients a flat fee of $100 or more a month for the all-inclusive payroll and reporting service. $80 per client per month or more, for less than half an hour's work per month per client. If you want to learn more about the latest technologies that streamline payroll processes and make it easy to add that to your firm, check out our free webcast on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 2pm ET (1 hour of free CPE). Plus, there will be a drawing for a free iPad2 and a new laptop PC. The odds of winning a cool new gadget is much better than playing the lottery, plus you'll learn how to easily make payroll simple and profitable. Register for the free CPE webcast today.