QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Has Moved into the Clouds with the Help of RightNetworks

RightNetworks, the leading provider of QuickBooks hosting, is the exclusive hosting provider of Intuits most sophisticated business management software, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Now, users have remote access to their software, hassle free software maintenance, and ongoing data protection with nightly back-ups. Your clients can easily access their files 24/7 from any location with an internet connection. Once connected, the applications will be ready to use just as if they were running on a PC. This new internet-based service means RightNetworks will take care of installing, maintaining, and updating QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Here’s a rundown of the highlights: Anywhere, anytime access to your applications and data Multi-user access Enterprise-class reliability on a highly-available infrastructure Business continuity Advanced data protection Protection from data loss with nightly back-ups Simplified hardware, software, network maintenance As an added service to your clients, consider the benefits of adopting a hosted solution within your practice. There is no more transferring files back and forth, practitioners can easily access client data to correct errors, and clients and staff can access the same files at the same time (nice for clearing up questions in real-time). By implementing new technologies, like a hosted software solution, we can to standardize processes, become more efficient, and gain the ability to better serve more customers, in more locations, with less travel time and travel expense. Now that sounds like a win, win situation to me. For more information about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions hosted through RightNetworks, click here.