iPad Ideal for Accountants Working Remotely

I had some doubts whether I really needed an iPad, but after buying the new 3G version I am completely sold on its advantages—and see some great applicability to the accounting profession. By now, most everyone knows the iPad is Apple’s latest technology—a larger version of the iPhone, yet not really up to the flexibility and power of a MacBook. While most of the accounting software vendors still aren’t on the bandwagon to design their programs for the Mac operating system, I still see some real advantages to accountants carrying an iPad. True, you won’t run Sage ERP X3 on the iPad, but you can use it in the field to work with clients and customers. The best way to think of the iPad is to think of it as a really large iPhone. As a result, Mac’s mail program is also easily accessed, as is the Safari Internet browser. For example, with the new 3G always-on Internet access you can work remotely and patch in to your network very easily without worrying about security or availability. You can’t run Excel or Word, but that isn’t the reason to have an iPad. Everyone also has a PC of some kind, so using the iPad to run robust software isn’t necessary. If you’re a "PC" and running scared of the Mac, now is the time to adapt by considering the iPad. Again, it’s not representative of what a real MacBook can do, but it is a good start to appreciating all that Apple has to offer.