Harry Potter and the Vast Opportunities in a CPA Firm

As we brace ourselves for yet another Harry Potter movie, I think Harry and his friends would want to cast a spell on today’s CPA firm – to enable partners to see the vast opportunities right in front of our eyes. Although my pop-culture allusion may be a bit lame, there’s nothing mystical about determining your strengths and building on your competencies. Now is a great time to do just that – over the summer when we’re between important filing deadlines and taking some much-deserved vacations – to think about what we can achieve and what we want to accomplish. If all of this sounds like another enchantment spell, then you need to think differently about your business. When I reach CPAs and their staffs during the Next Generation Accounting Firm™ presentations, or with colleagues in our Leadership Communities, we discuss our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and most of all, concentrating on what we do best. That “best” could be anything from adding another advisory service to your list or perhaps building on your tax practice. Either way, now is the time to shine a bright light on your firm assess your position. Like the light at the end of Harry’s wand (you knew I’d bring the theme back!), it only glows as long as you let it. So tell me, what can you achieve and what do you want to accomplish this summer?