ImagineTime, Inc. — ImagineTime Office Manager



ImagineTime consists of four integrated modules: time and billing, due date monitoring, contact management and document management. The document management module is an extension of the core practice management and due date monitoring module, and as such, that is where the primary value of the document management component is based — in the integration with those applications.

The document storage system uses a traditional Windows Explorer style folder, sub-folder model. You have the ability to set up your folder template to be applied to all clients. A particularly useful feature is the ability to update the folder template for existing clients in the event you decide to add a new folder after the fact. Documents can be searched based on keywords that are tagged to the folders or based on the filename. The selected document or file is displayed in a viewer screen.

In addition to the integration with the other ImagineTime applications, ImagineTime provides integration with QuickBooks, Lacerte and ATX/TaxWise. However, this integration is not with the document management module.

You can store and retrieve MS Office files to/from ImagineTime, and the system includes a scanning utility to control scanning from TWAIN-compliant scanners.

Document security can be controlled at the user level by selectively choosing the clients and their linked documents that can be accessed. Security permissions are established at three levels: staff, supervisor and system manager.

ImagineTime has the potential to fulfill the practice management requirements of small practices with their integrated suite. The due date tracking system is a feature not found in some of the stand-alone document storage products. The nature of ImagineTime makes it best suited for sole practitioners and small firms that want an integrated practice management application that incorporates document management as a component of that solution. The DM application pricing starts at $125 for a single-user license and increases to $1,295 for a 50-user license.