BQE Software Inc. — BillQuick 2007

From the Nov. 2007 Review of Time & Billing Systems

BillQuick 2007 provides small businesses with highly customizable and flexible time and expense tracking, project management and complex billing capabilities. Industry-specific versions are available for accountants and CPAs, architects and engineers, computer and IT consultants, and attorneys. The program also offers direct integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Accounting, Peachtree by Sage and MYOB. The program can be used on stand-alone PCs or across networks, with support for mobile devices included. BillQuick was recently selected by The Sleeter Group as one of its 2008 Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks (for the third year in a row). BillQuick Basic 2007 costs $495 for a two-user license; additional user licenses cost $100 each. BillQuick Pro 2007 costs $895 for a five-user license, with additional licenses available for $85. BQE also offers a web-based version of the program, BillQuick Web Suite, which enables remote access and use by satellite offices.

Ease of Use/Navigation Features -- 5 Stars
BillQuick simplifies invoicing, billing, posting of receipts and time tracking, with interfaces that can be customized to user roles and preferences. Various wizards are included, such as the BillQuick Interview, which helps guide users during the setup of companies, staff, customers, employees and projects, and rates. The program also offers wizards for virtually every function area, helping users with specific tasks, including invoicing and reporting. The newly designed interface is exceptionally intuitive and looks and feels great, providing quick access to primary feature areas via a vertical menu that houses links to Company, Management, Time & Expenses, Billing, Clients, and Projects. Each of these system areas opens into a Navigator screen that provides flowchart design for accessing specific functions, as well as quick-links to reporting options and frequently used tasks. It also provides graphical displays of key business indicators such as cash flow, AR, billable hours and other options.

Selection screens for clients, employees, projects and other items are easily accessible and include sorting and search options, with data entry and presentation on intuitive tabbed windows that enable drilldown to detail information, account data, invoicing and histories. Time and expense data-entry functions are also very simple to use, with multiple entry methods that allow time to be recorded in as little as two keystrokes. Entry methods include the ability to transfer time data from the system’s calendaring function, the use of time clocks, or the use of timesheets that allow fast entry of multiple tasks across multiple clients. Multiple timers can be run simultaneously. Timesheets can also be created from Outlook Calendar entries.

Management Functions -- 5 Stars
BillQuick can manage any number of clients, staff and employees, and it supports trust and retainer-based billing. The program’s various versions provide managerial features designed for different types of businesses, including accounting-centric capabilities for tracking engagement phases such as write-up, planning, trial balance, audit, tax and others. Other features include joint invoicing, budget versus actual comparisons, and billing for subcontracted services such as legal or financial planning consultants. BillQuick can bill flat rate or hourly, with the ability to create fee schedules that vary by task and allow for different rates per client and specific project or engagement. In addition to having multiple rates for each employee, the program can apply overtime billing rates for staff. BillQuick’s project management functions also enable projects to be grouped or merged, while its time tracking options support management of employee vacation, sick and holiday time.

Review processes allow for submitted time and expense sheets to be routed to appropriate managers for approval, mark-downs or other functions, depending upon the access level of each user in the process. Clients can be set up with minimum billable hours and spending caps that alert managers and prevent posting of work when allowable amounts are met. Managerial reporting features allow analysis of employee, task and client profitability and productivity. BillQuick now utilizes a .NET data engine that has increased speed dramatically. Other new features include a greater control over project hours, quick access to client and project histories, and the Project Journal, which allows management to track progress by keeping a chronological list of steps taken during an engagement or project.

Billing & Reporting -- 5 Stars
BillQuick’s invoicing and reporting tools are easy to use, with wizards available to help users if desired and more than 95 invoice templates and 350 report templates, including managerial output such as WIPs, staff performance, work-in-hand, budget comparisons, gross margins, aging, retainer summaries and even taxes by client state. Great customization capabilities enable personalization of client deliverables, while invoices and reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, XML and most other common formats. Invoices can be sent to clients electronically, if desired, and the new option for acceptance of all major credit cards can be accessed via a link on an invoice, hopefully prompting clients to pay quickly.

Integration -- 5 Stars
BillQuick offers tight integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Accounting, Peachtree by Sage and MYOB. It also offers payroll functions through Intuit’s Complete Payroll. The program can export to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, XML, interfaces with Outlook for mail and calendar-to-timesheet data entry, and can import data from pretty much any system that can produce common file types. Support for most smartphones and a web-based option offer mobile access to the system.

User Support & Help -- 5 Stars
BillQuick provides countless wizards, templates and other assistance tools in addition to right-click menu options, content-sensitive help and customizable menus. BQE’s online support center offers program documentation, integration guides, newsletters, a knowledgebase, tutorials, demos, software updates, and access to consulting, training courses and customization services.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars