AccuFund -- AccuFund Accounting Suite

From the Jan. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Programs

AccuFund recently released the latest version of the AccuFund Accounting Suite, version 3.07, for nonprofit, government and municipal agencies. Serving small through large organizations with tailored modules, AccuFund offers something for every operation and is well worth consideration.

Simplicity rules the AccuFund interface with only six menu choices, and just below, a taskbar to select the module the user wishes to access. Activity and reports are offered as colorful icons within each module. Some icons have no title, but hovering below the icon displays the full task description with a little mouse-play. Once learned, these icons make for quick and easy access to program functions.

AccuFund allows ultimate flexibility with 256 alphanumeric character account numbers. The program also offers Dynamic Elements (for direct project costing) that can be assigned. Import/Export capabilities abound, opening the structure to integration. AccuFund also offers its complete system as a hosted solution, allowing all the modules to be accessed from secure online servers. For the accounting department, this eliminates software installation, upgrade, backup and networking needs, to name a few. The logistical value of web access increases options greatly for any nonprofit agency.

The AccuFund core system includes GL with budgeting, AP, Financial Report Writer, Cash Receipting, Bank Reconciliation, System Security, Forms Designer, Data Imports & Exports, and Dynamic Elements. As an organization’s needs grow or change, additional modules can be added, including AR with Inventory and Responsible Party Billing, Budget Development, Payroll and Labor Distribution, Employee Time Entry, Grants Management, Human Resources, Fixed Assets, Allocation Management, Purchasing with Inventory, Online Requisitions (requires Purchasing), Loan Management and Custodial Checking. AccuFund also offers a Development and Endowment stand-alone product.

AccuFund Accounting Suite offers a Professional Edition that allows for additional security and control as more users and outsiders access the system. Professional Edition features are available in most modules and stand-alone products: Purchase Orders, Utility Billing and FASB/GASB Report Writer. Options like AFQuery (which allows reporting access to executives), Client Accounting (to manage client funds) and Web Payment (to automate collections) make AccuFund a comprehensive solution.

The numerous options for uses of AccuFund may seem a little overwhelming at first glance. Familiarity with the system will be critical to setting up your operation’s functions. With that said, it is a valuable tool to meet organizational accounting needs. Historical data is always available for reporting and can be entered after the fact, so those migrating from other software can enter past data for analysis. Automatic fund balancing can be set up within the chart of accounts. Multiple year-end and budgets for grants can be maintained and reported.

Data input, maintenance, import/export, deletion and numerous other options are available in the task screens. This makes it very easy to locate and accomplish each task as each screen is virtually the same. Because each screen looks so similar, having multiple screens open, could lead to some confusion. Version 3.07 upgrades are numerous in virtually all modules. Just a few examples include importing EFT transactions, electronic filing of 1099s, faster bank reconciliations and improved budget maintenance. The Grants Management module has received many updates, as well, including its own toolbar, new reports, application tools and user-defined fields. Human Resources and Cash Receipts modules were also extensively enhanced.

AccuFund includes 16 predefined Financial Statements (including FASB 117 statements) and the Financial Report Writer (FRW) within the core system. FRW allows for excellent customization within the program and allows outputs to printer, e-mail, PDF, HTML, Excel or CSV files. Reporting options allow drill down to original transactions. The optional FASB/GASB Report writer increases these standard offerings.

With dozens of module-specific re-ports, AccuFund offers excellent reporting options. Most reports are accessible with-in the modules from the taskbar, allowing for quick access with print and export options available. The Forms Designer allows additional reporting/correspondence options for letters, donor acknowledgements and receipts. Reporting up-dates include the ability to report on asset usage and run controlled/sorted GL reports.

SUPPORT/HELP - 4.5 Stars
AccuFund requires one full year of support with an initial system order at 25 percent of retail price. Support/Maintenance includes unlimited toll-free calls during support hours along with any released product enhancements.
AccuFund utilizes VARs to assist locally with implementation, training and support. Program manuals are installed with the program and are very useful. Some web-based support tools and training are available, as well.

The AccuFund Accounting Suites starts at $2,995 (single user) and $6,495 (three users) with the core modules noted above. Additional modules range from $1,295 to $1,995 with additional users added at $895. The Professional Edition adds approximately 20 percent to the investment for larger organizations. AFQuery starts at $295 per user.

AccuFund’s database (Adaptive Server Anywhere) allows lean operation and reduces total cost of ownership. Check the system requirements; the minimal and even preferred are likely in place and maintainable in most organizations. Overall, this is a very complete accounting system, designed with nonprofit daily needs in mind. Once tailored to your organization’s needs, this system is well worth consideration for any nonprofit or government agency.

2009 OVERALL RATING: overall rating