Advanced Micro Solutions — 1099-Etc & A-T-F Payroll

From the September 2009 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

For small businesses and firms offering payroll services to them, the 1099-Etc A-T-F Payroll system offers basic payroll management primarily for after-the-fact payroll and post-payroll/year-end compliance processing, but it is also capable of performing live payroll. The program is centered around the base W-2/1099 Forms Filer system, with optional modules available for A-T-F Payroll, e-filing of forms, a forms library and a laser generation utility. The core package, the laser generation option plus A-T-F and select state electronic filing costs $255 for a site license that offers compliance for all states and can support up to 1,999 client businesses with up to 9,999 employees each.

The 1099-Etc system opens into a small window that offers text-based links to system maintenance and security tools, along with icons and menus across the top for opening each of the system’s modules, including A-T-F Payroll. During client/employer setup, the system allows users to easily copy existing clients, streamlining this task. After opening a client from a basic selection list, the system provides a new interface, with access to key payroll functions, including employer information, deposits, a reports viewer, payroll data input, check search-ing, reporting, forms, system options and Help.

A-T-F Payroll’s employee selection screen is available from the Input menu, which opens into a spreadsheet view of all summary employee information. When editing or adding individual employee information, the system opens to a tabbed screen that groups information into general, status, payroll parameters, optional information and a Memo notes tab, in addition to the ability to include an employee photo with their files. Employees can be assigned up to nine pay rates, or six pay rates and three miscellaneous rates, and users can track employee email, HR data and other information. Standard deductions fields for Federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, state income tax and two local income tax are included as well 40 user-defined fields that can be used for additions (e.g. bonus, commission) or deductions.

The system can be used for salaried and hourly workers, and employees can be scheduled for any payroll frequency. A-T-F also offers tracking of vacation and sick time accruals. All calculations are performed after data is entered and the Calc button is used, including all withholding and pre- and post-tax deductions. The system offers a direct deposit option through a third party, or thru an ACH deposit file sent to the client’s bank, with the ability to assign up to four bank accounts per employee. Two options are available for electronic filing of returns to the SSA and IRS: The E-File Direct module, which allows users to directly manage transmission processes, and the vendor’s E-Filing Services, which handles compliance reporting and W-2/1099 mailings.

The reporting functions in A-T-F are easily accessible from the main menu, with options for wages, tax summaries, period detail, withholding, liabilities, state and local reports, check registers, and other output. The system also includes printable versions of all forms in the 1099 series, plus forms 940, 941, 942, 943, 944, 1042-S, W-2, W-2C and W-3. All printed output, including reports can be saved as a PDF file. With the addition of the optional Forms-Etc module, users can access virtually all state and federal forms related to payroll, including 1040 Schedule H, powers of attorney, W-9s, I-9s, W-4s and dozens more.

As an integrated module, A-T-F Payroll shares data as necessary with the 1099-Etc program, but does not directly integrate with other programs. Users can, however, go through a two-step export then import option for moving transactional data into the QuickBooks GL and Quicken. A-T-F can also import em-ployee, employer and transactional information from QuickBooks and Peachtree.

Although it can be used to manage live payrolls for small entities, A-T-F Payroll is geared, as its name implies, to after-the-fact processing. The system offers a basic approach to payroll compliance functions, with many tasks being somewhat manual, but with generally intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces.

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