Sage — DacEasy by Sage 2010

From the September 2009 Review of Point-of-Sale Systems

DacEasy offers smaller retailers a solid entry-level product that can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated with the DacEasy Accounting products for a complete front/back office financial solution.

DacEasy utilizes the Business Center, a user-friendly interface that contains a menu bar at the top of the screen that offers access to product functions, such as Profile, Tool, Windows and Help. Directly to the right is a list of installed modules. If the POS is used stand-alone, it will be the only function visible. If used with DacEasy Accounting functions, users will also see Accounting, Payroll, Order Entry and Crystal Reports listed. The Business Center also offers quick access to frequently used functions, as well as the Resources list.

Sales transactions are processed by first signing into the register and then using the Sales Register Entry. Sales entry can be a bit slow initially since various options such as lookup are accessed from the right side of the transaction entry screen. However, hot key functions are available to use for quicker processing. Other options available include OK, Add, Layaway, GoTo, Delete and Options, which leads to various POS functions including Calculator, Quotes, Split Tender, Refund/Reissue. Items, customer and sales information can all be added on the fly, and tenders can be split when needed. Receipt numbers are added by the system automatically. Edit and processing screens are set up similarly, with easy navigation throughout the program. Even new users will find themselves comfortable with DacEasy almost immediately, so training time will be minimal.

DacEasy by Sage is a modular system with modules available as a suite, or they can be purchased individually, except for the Job Cost module, which requires Accounting. Along with the POS module, DacEasy from Sage offers Accounting, Job Cost, Order Entry and Payroll modules, as well. Crystal Reports can be used through the Business Center for those who need a custom reporting option. Smaller businesses can purchase the POS module and add the others if needed.

DacEasy 2010 offers several new system enhancements including the integration of DacEasy with Sage Payment Solutions, simplifying the processing of credit and debit cards. Other system enhancements can be found throughout the various DacEasy modules.

One of the advantages of using DacEasy is the ability to enter sales transactions, quotes and layaways from the same entry screen. The sales register is easily customizable, allowing users to choose various options such as setting defaults and entering tables that contain data to access when entering a sale.

DacEasy POS also allows for promotional prices for all products. Additionally, there is an option to enter services and assign them a price, making DacEasy a great option for retailers that offer related services to their customers.

DacEasy by Sage modules are all completely integrated for a full front/back office solution. The product also easily integrates with standard POS hardware, including pole displays, magnetic card readers, cash drawers, keyboard wedges and serial barcode readers.

The File Import function allows for the import of ASCII files. Users can also use the Export Sale Transaction dialog box to export sales receipts, cash in/out transactions, and refunds into a text file.

DacEasy by Sage contains a fair amount of reporting options, including the following: Sales Analysis, Layaway Transactions, Product Activity Detail and Credit Card Transactions. The Audit Trail Log provides a detailed history of certain types of system actions including any additions, insertions or deletions of system data. Customer purchasing history reveals purchase totals and payment history by any date range. An Edit Customer option allows for user-defined text fields (up to six) along with the amount and date label.

At $499 for a single-user version of DacEasy by Sage, this product is a good solution for smaller businesses that do not process high volumes of sales transactions, but rather are looking for a complete entry-level POS/accounting function. Quick system setup and a very slight learning curve make this product a good value.

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