OnSite POS for NetSuite

OnSite POS for NetSuite, from OnSite Software, offers a comprehensive retail solution for current NetSuite users. Designed specifically for NetSuite, OnSite POS offers real-time integration with other NetSuite modules, eliminating time-consuming duplicate transaction entry and reporting lags.

OnSite POS is a highly customizable, complete POS system that accepts multiple tender types, including both debit and credit cards. Onsite POS also contains the ability to define and set kit and package pricing, and will easily process non-merchandise transactions when necessary.

Designed for multi-location retailers, OnSite POS for NetSuite offers high-level functionality such as the ability to accept foreign currency, process split payments and upsell selected items. It also handles common store transactions such as returns, customer credits and refunds, and will easily process on-the-fly customer discounts.

A centralized store-terminal management function allows the main store to track and maintain sales data from other locations, and can also keep track of employee time and hours worked by having employees use the Punch Clock feature to log their time when their shift begins.

The system also offers a fully customizable user interface with both function/task and user-level security options. Managers can easily maintain tight control over the register process by utilizing built-in safeguards such as implementing the manager-security override feature that restricts management level functions like pricing changes and voided transactions. Enhanced reporting and cash drawer management functions make it easier to balance each shift and eliminate drawer inaccuracies.

OnSite POS can be easily utilized in any retail environment, including brick-and-mortar storefronts as well as online retailers. OnSite POS can also be used for any offsite events such as tradeshows, seminars and festivals. The system integrates with all the necessary hardware needed to run a retail store, including POS terminals, receipt printers and electronic signature capture devices.

For quick transaction processing, hot keys can be assigned for best-selling items, and high-transaction processing environments such as convenience stores can utilize the anonymous customer handling feature. Specialty shops can choose to enter customer information for future reference, making more targeted marketing possible.

OnSite POS for NetSuite is a must-have for retailers currently using NetSuite products. Designed for retailers with multiple locations, OnSite POS allows managers to keep a high level of control over remote locations with just a few clicks. Offering a multitude of specialty reports and tight controls, including an activity audit trail, OnSite POS provides retailers with the luxury of spending time on building their business instead of worrying about the day-to-day detail that can quickly bog down an owner or manager.