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Sales Tax


2012 Review of Avalara – AvaTax Calc

Avalara – AvaTax Calcwww.Avalara.com877-780-4848 More about this product is at: Best Fit:Businesses with sales tax reporting obligations across multiple jurisdictions throughout the U.S. and Canada. AvaTax also supports those businesses that have overseas subsidiaries with single country VAT requirements, and offers transaction processing in over 50 countries, with plans to expand on this capability […]

Isaac M. O'Bannon


2012 Review of BNA Software – BNA Sales & Use Tax Forms & Rates

BNA Software – BNA Sales & Use Tax Forms & Rates – 6406www.BNAsoftware.com800-424-2938 Best Fit:Preparers responsible for mid-sized and larger business sales tax and use tax filings who have broad reporting obligations across multiple, varied jurisdictions. The application also provides comprehensive rates tables which can be imported into many accounting systems. Strengths:• Comprehensive rate tables […]

Isaac M. O'Bannon