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Tax Planning More Important Than Ever

With a tight economy and creeping growth causing more and more Americans to be more miserly in their spending or to at least budget more stringently, they often overlook a potential for significant savings. Or perhaps they don’t think about the potential until it’s too late. Unfortunately, the latter is likely the case because they often only think in depth about their income taxes when they are preparing their return or having it done by a professional. It often seems that many people plan a short road trip better than they plan their taxes.

2013 Review of Intuit Tax Import for Lacerte and ProSeries

Intuit, Inc. — Tax Import for Lacerte and Best Fit Tax-focused practices using Lacerte or ProSeries, who want an automated method of creating organized PDF workpapers from client source documents, as well as direct download of W-2 and 1099 data from financial institutions. Strengths Dual optical character recognition process increases reliability of data imports […]

Isaac M. O'Bannon