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2020 Review of Right Networks

Right Networks offers a growing range of solutions for small-to-medium accounting practices. Generally, they divide these into two camps for you to explore. One is their flagship QuickBooks Desktop hosting, offered under their ...


Right Networks

Ideal Firm

From the 2020 reviews of hosting systems for accounting firms.

No matter your firm’s size, if you are looking for a company that specializes in QuickBooks cloud-hosting, Right Networks is the top choice. Right Networks claims to be Intuit’s most comprehensive cloud provider of QuickBooks Desktop. The company is rated an Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider, and Intuit promotes them on its own website.

Right Networks offers a growing range of solutions for small-to-medium accounting practices. Generally, they divide these into two camps for you to explore. One is their flagship QuickBooks Desktop hosting, offered under their overall Accounting Solutions—which can be power-boasted with additional business application hosting services alongside your QuickBooks.

Then, Right Networks competes with other hosting providers—in a sense, anyway—by offering an overall cloud hosting service, Right Networks Cloud Premier.

But taken on its own merits, this is an undisputed leader in quality turnkey hosting services to value-minded accounting firms of most any shape and size. For those who rise and fall on QuickBooks, Right Networks is a provider to consider when moving to the cloud.

Real World Use

Accounting firms looking for a cost-effective approach to moving their local QuickBooks desktop files into the cloud should consider Right Networks.

Right Networks offers a ladder of good, better, best options to think about when looking at QuickBooks hosting. You can stick to just QuickBooks or move up to Business Cloud or its Application Cloud solutions. As you climb this ladder of offerings, each opens doors to adding more applications in a more integrated environment. Obviously, the price increases, but that price will be cleverly laddered as well to entice you into unifying your business for good reason.

For firms looking to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, Right Networks’ Application Cloud offering should be taken into account.  This is a strong value-for-money proposition that will unite a range of your business applications virtually with single sign-on. You can dispense with a lot of IT headaches and introduce some highly beneficial best practices that much larger firms pay a lot of staff and consultants to upkeep in their tech stacks. 

Those that have medium-sized or fast-growing practice may wish to entertain Right Networks Cloud Premier. This is higher octane, because support promises not just IT help but application expertise as well, to troubleshoot issues with the accounting and tax software as well.


Right Networks offers a QuickBooks-focused hosting service, then a more all-inclusive, supported service for your overall office and accounting applications.

QuickBooks Hosting Services

Get a virtual desktop and access to the QuickBooks product of your choice, plus Adobe Reader, with their entry-level QuickBooks Desktop Cloud solution.  But that is it. No Excel, Outlook, Word, or other programs. This is straightforward QuickBooks hosting.

Move up to Business Cloud to include QuickBooks Desktop Cloud, plus Microsoft Excel, Expensify,, Avalara, Tallie, and a few other add-on applications.  With this package, however, you still do not install other programs you may have licensed on-premise or your desktop. This does unite your QuickBooks and allied billing kinds of applications. 

Cloud Premier

With Cloud Premier, Right Networks moves your practice into virtual world with a more inclusive hosting service.  Premier Cloud offers full virtual desktop and server hosting to handle most all applications, plus the support options include both IT and software-specific helpdesk.

Right Networks also promises 99.999% uptime. Uptime guarantees like this are achieved through a variety of system redundancies and protocols that mirror your data and keep data safe. This can include server in multiple locations, so that performance is better depending on where the user is sitting. The data centers themselves may have around the clock physical security onsite, like security cameras, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and daily backups.

Right Networks practices rolling 90-day retention for data stored on its servers. Hurricanes? They have redundant power systems and onsite power generators.

Firms and businesses may purchase QuickBooks Desktop licenses directly from Right Networks. QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2020 editions are hosted on Right Networks, as well the 2019, 2018, and 2017 versions, so long as they are supported by Intuit to align with their product strategy. 

Right Networks’ support site offers a searchable knowledgebase and access to a variety of self-help categories, including Getting Started, Connecting, Application Help, and Printing and Scanning. Users have access to Video Tutorials and Account Help. There are set-up wizards available for both PC and Mac users, available for download from the help page. Users can log into their account or to the file manager to easily access files. Right Networks offers toll-free telephone support, with the support team available 24/7. Remote support is an available option so a technician may access and application to diagnose an issue. There are product-specific help options available for QuickBooks Desktop users.

Right Networks is a highly flexible provider that works with clients to offer a range of off-the-shelf solutions to powerful, fully virtual desktops.

2020 Overall Rating: 5 Stars