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App Helps CPA Firms and Businesses Reopen to Healthy and Safe Offices Amid Covid

In an effort to help accounting and finance professionals create and maintain safe, healthy workplaces in a COVID-19 world, the Maryland Association of CPAs is partnering with 1Rivet to make the groundbreaking "MyHealthyWork" app (visit www.MyHealthyWork.


In an effort to help accounting and finance professionals create and maintain safe, healthy workplaces in a COVID-19 world, the Maryland Association of CPAs is partnering with 1Rivet to make the groundbreaking “MyHealthyWork” app (visit available and affordable to its members and customers.

The “MyHealthyWork” app offers users safe and easy ways to:

  • safely monitor and record employees’ health markers as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);
  • identify those who may be sick and trace the people they had contact with at work; and
  • create a workplace in which employees feel safe from the threat of COVID-19.

“The goal of the MyHealthyWork app is very simple: Get people back to work and feeling safe,” said Eric Middleton, managing partner and CEO of 1Rivet. “We are so pleased to have this relationship with the MACPA and Tom Hood that will allow us to help more companies open up safely.”

The “MyHealthyWork” app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It includes the following features:

●     Contact tracing: Identify employees who have interacted during the day and identify those affected during an outbreak.

●     Health status: Dashboard indicates if an employee should come into the office, work from the road, or stay home — and how long they need to stay home.

●     QR codes and interaction: Use QR codes to identify various locations in their workplaces and use the “Favorites” list to identify employees who sit or work near each other.

●     “How I Feel” questions: Temperature readings and icons for easy-to-answer health questions.

●     Outbreak notification: Real-time notifications with identified outbreaks and critical next steps for leaders to take.

●     Gamification: Awarding employees for participation with virtual points and badges.

“The health and safety of our team is our top priority, but we also wanted a solution that would help protect our employees’ privacy,” said MACPA President and CEO Tom Hood, CPA. “Because it relies on self-reporting rather than GPS or Bluetooth tracking, MyHealthyWork is a perfect fit for our team — a solution that’s designed to protect their health, well-being, and their privacy as well.”

The MACPA learned of the app from Gray Smith, CPA, managing partner of SB & Company and a former chair of the association whose team at SB & Company have been using the app as part of its effort to safely reopen offices and offer measures of safety and reassurance to the firm’s team.

“Our firm has used the MyHealthyWork app since its inception and has relied on this tool to monitor the health status of our employees,” Smith said. “Our people have found the app to be very user-friendly, and our management team has relied on the information reported to make business operations decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As frequent travel is necessary in our profession, this tool is critical to assist us to keep our employees and clients’ safe through the immediate feedback provided when an employee reports their health status and to be able to track contacts. Our employees feel safer using this app.”

The app works in tandem with the MACPA’s guide to “Reopening the Profession” (, which offers accounting and finance professionals the best state and federal recommendations for how to reopen a business in the safest and most socially responsible manner possible.

Discount available to accounting and finance pros

In that light, 1Rivet and “MyHealthyWork” will offer a 10 percent discount to all accounting and finance professionals who make use of the app. Members of the profession can visit and sign up with the code “MACPA2020” to receive their discount.

In addition, the MyHealthyWork team will dedicate at least 1 percent of its net annual profits to small businesses that cannot afford the app. “Our giving team reviews applications sent to us by businesses in need,” Middleton said. “If your business needs assistance, please e-mail us at”

The Maryland Association of CPAs helps CPAs connect with each other in strategic ways, to protect our members’ interests, and to help them achieve greater success. We provide the resources and services that CPAs need to excel in their profession. Since 1901, the MACPA has been a national leader in the CPA profession. We are honored that the Baltimore Business Journal and Washington Business Journal have named the MACPA among the largest networking organizations in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., for each of the past five years. For details, visit

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