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2019 Review of Magtax



American Riviera Software

From the 2019 reviews of W2 and 1099 Systems.

Magtax from American Riviera Software is a good fit for both businesses and accounting firms that wish to e-file both W-2s and 1099 forms. Magtax is available in two versions, Standard and Professional, with both versions supporting unlimited payers and recipients. Magtax is an on-premise application that can be downloaded from the vendor’s website after purchasing. At this time, Magtax does not offer remote access or a mobile app, although if online access is a necessity, users can have the application hosted on a hosting service (

Magtax supports many of the most common year end compliance forms including W-2, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-C, 1098, and 1098-C, with additional 1099 forms and 1042-S forms supported in the Professional version of the application. Magtax offers an easily navigated user interface, where users can quickly setup IRS and SSA filer information, along with access and manage any and all databases being used.  The New Filing Wizard guides users through the form filing process from entering data to generating and filing the completed forms. Users can easily edit both 1099s and W-2s prior to submission, later reviewing both before beginning the submission process. Both versions of Magtax offer unlimited e-filing capability, with e-verification available in the Professional version. All prior year data is stored in the application, eliminating the need to re-enter recipients and payers unless changes have occurred. Magtax will print on blank paper as well as on pre-printed forms, and all completed forms can be saved as a JPG, TIF, EMF, or PDF file.

Magtax includes a Getting Started page on its website which provides a step-by-setp guide to e-filing. A FAQ page addresses common issues that can arise while using Magtax along with the suggested solution. Also available are short videos that provide an introduction to Magtax, as well as installation, activation, and a datasets overview.  An online knowledgebase is also available and users can submit questions using the online form if desired. Product support is available via email, though telephone appointments can be made if there is a need to speak to a support representative.

Both the Standard and the Professional versions of Magtax can import data from QuickBooks as well as Microsoft Excel, TXT, and CSV files, and the Professional version also includes features such as prior year support options, and it supports additional forms such as W-2C and W-2G as well as other 1099 forms.

Magtax offers excellent e-filing capability for W-2s and 1099s, and is a good fit for both businesses and accounting professionals. Pricing for the Standard version is currently $199 and the Professional versionis currently $299. The Standard version only offers a single-user license, the Professional version offers a 5-user license with more licenses available to purchase if needed. Those interested can download a demo version of Magtax from the American Riviera Software website and later activate it if they wish to purchase it.   Product support is included in the cost of the application.

2019 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars