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2019 Review of TSheets by QuickBooks

TSheets is a time tracking application well suited for small to mid-sized businesses of any type. While TSheets can also be used to track job and project hours, it works best as a straight-forward time tracking application. TSheets is completely web-based




From the 2019 review of time & billing management systems.

TSheets is a time tracking application well suited for small to mid-sized businesses of any type. While TSheets can also be used to track job and project hours, it works best as a straight-forward time tracking application. TSheets is completely web-based, and offers good integration with a variety of third-party applications. Users can record time using a variety of input options including desktop and laptop systems as well as iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

TSheets offers multiple time entry options and offers a spreadsheet interface that allows users to enter hours worked. Employees can also allocate time entered to a specific project or campaign if desired. There is also an online punch card option, which works well when simply tracking hours worked. Users can also use GPS technology to enter time, or can choose to use Twitter. For those without cellphone access, there is also a dial-in option available.

A Chrome app can also be downloaded onto any device which allows employees to clock in and out when needed. The app can also be used to edit a timesheet or access a project. Users can also later sync any time entered into the Chrome app with TSheets. A kiosk option is also available to track time for onsite employees. A scheduling option is also available in TSheets that allows employers to schedule employee time if needed.

In addition to tracking time, users can also create billable expenses such as meetings, telephone calls or even research time on any specific job. TSheets is DCAA/DOL compliant, making it a good solution for businesses that actively work with the federal government.

TSheets typically uses third-party applications such as Xero or QuickBooks for invoicing, though an optional invoicing option is available in the application as well. Once an invoice has been created in TSheets, users can easily preview the invoice, edit it, then finalize it. A PDF of the invoice can then be created and saved, with the invoice printed and mailed if desired, or emailed directly from the invoice screen. For those using QuickBooks or Xero, time data can be exported directly into the application, with the ability to then create an invoice.

TSheets offers a good variety of standard time tracking reports including project, job costing, payroll and approvals reports. Users can view all TSheets reports in real time, with users able to run reports using a variety of criteria. Users can also run a payroll report prior to payroll processing in order to ensure that payroll records are in balance with time sheet records. Managers can also run project reports, ensuring that employee time submitted has been property allocated to the proper project or campaign. All TSheets reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file for further customization, or saved as a PDF for future use.

TSheets offers good integration options with a variety of third-Party accounting applications including QuickBooks, Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Gusto as well as payroll applications such as Paychex and ADP. For a one-time fee, TSheets can also provide integration with payroll applications if desired.

TSheets offers users a variety of help and support options that can be accessed through the TSheets Help Center. Resources available include access to a comprehensive knowledgebase that provides detailed help in a variety of categories including Getting Started, Scheduling, Kiosk, Administrators, Managers, Employees, and Payroll. A product webinar is also available and users can view the FAQs for additional information. TSheets offers toll-free support during extended business hours, with all support included in the price of the product. Users can also contact support via email or chat if desired.

TSheets is a good option for small to mid-sized businesses that want an easy way to track employee time. TSheets is scalable, offering three plans including a free plan that is suitable for very small businesses. The 2-99 user plan currently runs $4.00 per active user per month, with a $16.00 base fee per month; and the 100+ user plan is also priced at $4.00 per active user, per month but has an $80.00 base fee per month. All plans include detailed reporting capability, access to third-party integrations, the time clock kiosk option, an optional scheduling feature, payroll and invoicing capability, mobile apps with GPS tracking technology, overtime alerts, and PTO tracking capability, as well as unlimited customer support. Those interested can also download a trial version of TSheets.

2019 Overall Rating 4.5 Stars