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2018 Review of CCH ProSystem fx Document

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CCH ProSystem fx Document
Wolters Kluwer

From the 2018 reviews of Document Management and Documents Storage Systems for accounting firms.

CCH ProSystem fx Document from Wolters Kluwer is a good fit for accounting firms of any size. Designed to be used with other programs in the CCH ProSystem fx Suite, the product can also be used as a stand-alone document management solution.

CCH ProSystem fx Document is an on-premise application designed to be installed on firm servers and desktops. The application includes a user-friendly interface which can be customized to suit the needs of the user. The product homepage, called Document Central, is where users can search for and access documents, check a document in or out, access a specific client and all of their related documents, and view a list of all available documents. Other options available from Document Central include Recent Files, File Groups, and Checked Out Files. CCH ProSystem fx Document’s database allows users to search for documents using a variety of criteria including by client, file name, document keyword, class or subclass. In addition, all documents stored in CCH ProSystem fx Document are automatically stored in their native format. Users can create a custom file structure for each client by creating the structure from scratch, or by copying an existing template and then modifying it for that particular client.

CCH ProSystem fx Document offers management features such as the ability to lock documents to protect against unauthorized access, the ability to check document in and out, and good version control capability, including the ability to restore a previous version of a document if needed. Users can create and implement a firm-wide document retention policy that allows firms to determine how long each file must be kept, as well as determining which files should be permanently archived. For better document organization, users have the option to create multiple document groups, where similar documents can be stored, making it easy to apply a set policy to each group.

CCH ProSystem fx Document also includes a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, making it easy to store emails and other related documents in a client folder. For users that need to scan documents, CCH ProSystem fx Scan is available. The product will read, identify, and bookmark each client document that is scanned, with users able to import the scanned documents directly into CCH ProSystem fx Document.

CCH ProSystem fx seamlessly integrates with the optional CCH Axcess Portal, which offers secure document sharing capability. Users can publish client files directly to the portal, and the portal is bi-directional, so clients can easily upload source documents and other files to the portal as requested.

Firm admins can easily add a series of permissions to all documents, so that only authorized personnel can access a document, with only authorized personnel able to change or edit folder documents.

CCH ProSystem fx Document is part of CCH ProSystem fx Suite of applications, which offers a variety of on-premise solutions for accounting professionals including CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, and CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management. The product also integrates with CCH Axcess Portal and Microsoft Office programs.

CCH ProSystem fx Document offers users easy access to Help functions from within the user dashboard. For those needing additional resources, the CCH product support center provides easy access to a variety of tools and resources including a comprehensive video library, a searchable knowledgebase, and a community user forum. Users can access product support via email, chat, or telephone. Remote support sessions are available as well, and users can manage all support requests through the website if desired. In additional to various training and support options, Wolters Kluwer also offers more than 400 self-study classes designed for working professionals.

CCH ProSystem fx Document offers excellent document storage and management, and works well with firms of just about any size. It can be particularly beneficial when used with other CCH ProSystem fx products, though it can be used as a stand-alone document management application if desired. Pricing for CCH ProSystem fx Document starts at $2,780, with users able to obtain additional pricing details from Wolters Kluwer. Add-on modules such as CCH Axcess Portal and CCH ProSystem fx Scan are priced separately.

2018 Rating – 5 Stars