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2018 Review of AccountantsWorld Cloud Cabinet

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AccountantsWorld Cloud Cabinet

From the 2018 reviews of Document Management and Documents Storage Systems for accounting firms.

Cloud Cabinet from AccountantsWorld, offers solid document management and storage capabilities, as well as a robust client portal, where accountants can share confidential information with clients. Ideal for accounting professionals that are already using other AccountantsWorld applications, Cloud Cabinet can also be used as a stand-alone document management application if desired.

Cloud Cabinet, like all AccountantsWorld applications, is completely cloud-based, making it easy for employees to access the product from any location.

Cloud Cabinet supports all common file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, TXT files, QuickBooks files, Zip files, as well as all common image formats. While designed to be used with other AccountantsWorld applications, users can also easily transfer documents to Cloud Cabinet from their PC.  

Cloud Cabinet offers a flexible folder structure, with users able to utilize the default folder that is included in the product, or modify the folder’s structure to better suit the needs of their firm. Each client folder can be set up individually, or users can speed up the process considerably by using the default folder structure for all clients.

Users can set up custom permissions for each client that will determine whether clients can simply access the portal to download documents or can upload documents to the portal as well. There is also an option to use a Shared Folder, which allows users to save any documents that will need to be shared with others.

For those that wish to transfer additional files, the Cyber Drop feature will come in handy. Cyber Drop replicates Cloud Cabinet’s structure on a desktop computer, allowing users to easily drag and drop documents and files directly into the Cyber Drop folder, where they can be stored until uploaded directly into Cloud Cabinet.

The system supports standard documents, images, HTML, and Text. The product also offers both basic and advanced search functionality, making it easy to locate any uploaded file.

One of Cloud Cabinet’s best features is the unlimited client portals that are included in the product at no additional cost. Clients receive a password that allows them access to the portal. Each client can be assigned portal access only as well as complete access to both uploading and downloading documents and files. Users can also choose to notify clients via email when a document has been placed in the portal and is ready to be downloaded, and clients can choose to notify firm staff when they upload a document as well.

All AccountantsWorld products, including Cloud Cabinet utilize’s secure data centers, with all data stored on multiple servers. All data is encrypted during transit using SSLA ”green-bar” digital certificates, and remains encrypted while stored on AccountantsWorld servers. For further protection, all logins into the system are recorded and the Client Activity Log displays detailed information about all Cloud Cabinet transactions including uploading, archived, emailed, deleted, and renamed files.

Cloud Cabinet includes complete integration with other AccountantsWorld applications such as Accounting Power, Payroll Relief, and After-the-Fact Payroll, with users able to save documents from these applications directly in Cloud Cabinet.

Cloud Cabinet offers users good help options throughout the product. A series of webinars are available from the website, and users can access product support via telephone during regular business hours. All product support is included in the price of the software. All AccountantsWorld users have access to their own Professional Development Consultant, who along with technical support personnel provide help in the entire software setup and maintenance process.

Cloud Cabinet from AccountantsWorld offers flexible document storage and management capability and is well suited for small to mid-sized firms. Cloud Cabinet can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated with other AccountantsWorld applications to give firms a more streamlined operation. Cloud Cabinet is available from AccountantsWorld for $595 per year. The system includes 5GB of storage, with users able to purchase an additional 5GB of storage for $25 per year. A money-back guarantee is available for those that cancel within the first 30 days.

2018 Rating 4.75 Stars