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New eBook: Customs Duty & Import Tax for Dummies

New how-to guide from Avalara and Wiley demystifies complex cross-border commerce issues for businesses and their advisors

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Avalara, Inc., a provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, has partnered with Wiley to publish Customs Duty & Import Tax for Dummies®, an e-Book to help business owners and the accounting professionals who serve them better understand the challenges and benefits of cross-border selling, including how to calculate the total cost of shipping a product to a customer in another country.

A free download, the e-Book helps businesses and their advisors:

  • estimate international customs duties and taxes
  • increase international customer satisfaction
  • avoid rejected cross-border shipments

“We created this new guide to help businesses of all sizes, as well as their advisors, get a leg up in understanding how to calculate total costs involved in shipping goods to a customer internationally, leading to a great buying experience and happy, recurring customers. And, we’ve done it utilizing the popular, proven Dummies format,” said Jeremy Korst, chief marketing officer at Avalara. “Expanding into new areas of the world is an exciting business decision that involves numerous complexities and unknowns. Avalara will continue to provide actionable resources to help businesses avoid compliance pitfalls and stay focused on growing their business.”

To get your free copy of the Customers Duty & Import Tax for Dummies e-Book, visit: