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Product & Service Guide

New Online Tax Research Service Offered to Tax Professionals and Accountants

TaxResearchPro provides accountants and advisers with a trusted tax research support service to better manage their time and client engagements.

TaxResearchPro, a division of BIDaWIZ Inc., has launched its new online tax research support service for accountants and advisers. This new solution improves the tax research experience for solo practitioners and small to mid-sized accounting firms across the United States. Accountants no longer need to rely solely on tax research software or publications without knowing how long it will take to find an answer or if they are even looking in the right place.

“After 6 years of operation and answering over 18,000 tax questions, we noted a growing trend within our client base,” said Ryan Himmel, CPA, Founder & CEO of TaxResearchPro. “Specifically, an increasing number of accountants and advisers began to utilize our ‘Ask a Professional’ service for their own tax research needs.”

“After further investigation through client and AICPA Surveys, it became clear to us that the tax research software solutions and libraries available in the market are simply insufficient,” Himmel added. “Our research and data suggests that over 50% of accountants have indicated that a major obstacle in their research process is not being able to easily find answers to their client tax questions. TaxResearchPro solves this problem by providing simple, authoritative & on-demand access to profession tax expertise.”

The Service Features Include:

  • On-demand Tax Professionals
  • Authoritative References
  • Curated Tax Knowledgebase
  • Secure Client Portal
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Tax & Accounting Alerts

Additionally, TaxResearchPro is working with a number of solo practitioners and small firms in helping them better market their accounting practice. The services include professional content writing, newsletter management, public relations, search engine optimization and strategic technology consulting.