CPA Practice Advisor Webinars

CPA Practice Advisor Webinars

CPA Practice Advisor’s free webinars offer live interaction with thought leaders in the accounting and tax profession. The live versions are eligible for CPE credit, allowing professionals to keep up with continuing education requirements online, and all webinars are archived for future viewing at any time.


Free CPE Webcast: Powerful Ways to Win At Payroll

Date: 01/28/15

The role of the Trusted Advisor continues to evolve, as disruptive technology and client expectations change. This has had a dramatic effect on the role of the Trusted Advisor. VIEW »

Webcast: Building Client Confidence by Understanding Workers' Compensation

Date: 12/16/14

Workers compensation is a mandatory part of doing business. Join us for a session that will help you understand the detail of this coverage. Learn about this mandatory coverage, employee classifications, coverage exclusions, as well as the audit... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast to Look at Data Management for Accounting Firms

Date: 07/14/14

Learn effective data management strategies for optimizing client performance. VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: Changing the Game - From Surviving to Thriving

Date: 04/24/14

Many firms that invested time and money into operational improvements before tax season have still faced difficulties maintaining profitability. Complicating factors like inefficient back-end processes, fee pressure, legislative delays and... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: A New Approach to More Efficient Government Audits

Date: 12/17/13

Thought leader Aaron Hixson of Hansen Bradshaw & Malmrose has discovered a way to make his firm's audit of government entities more productive and efficient. Join us to learn his unique approach around ProSystem fx Engagement. From this session... VIEW »

How to Increase Audit Quality and Realization

Date: 10/17/13

Join industry thought leaders Jim Bourke and Brian Siet as they discuss how Withum, Smith and Brown successfully transformed their audit process through their adoption and implementation of ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach. During this session, you... VIEW »

Growing Your Firm with Help from the Cloud

Date: 09/24/13

Learn how CPA Bill Gaines transitioned his practice to the Cloud. VIEW »

7 Keys to Successful Firm Management

Date: 09/10/13

This class will cover the benefits firms experience when using Practice Management Solutions. We will discuss the latest technologies used to become a digital firm. We will explore methods that improve efficiencies and increase billable time and... VIEW »

How to Reduce Administrative Time for Every Member of the Firm

Date: 07/23/13

Join Darren and Mike as they explore ways to recover the vast amount of time lost spent on firm administration. Within this event, you will discover: Ways to recoup lost time through improved firm and task management How to increase... VIEW »

What it means to be a CPA in a digital world

Date: 07/08/13

July 8, 2013 - 12:00 noon EST. Earn 1 hour of free CPE. VIEW »

Seeing into the future: Staff forecasting made easy

Date: 06/26/13

June 26, 2013 2 PM EST Earn 1 hour of CPE VIEW »

How to Increase Realization Per Audit

Date: 05/20/13

It is possible to overcome the cycle of over-auditing. And when you accomplish that your realization rate immediately increases! But how do you get there? Join CCH customer Josh Masters as he shares his firm’s journey to achieving 20+ percent... VIEW »

The New Era of Integrated Firm Management

Date: 05/14/13

Join Darren and Mike as they explore the firm critical methods and processes needed when implementing Practice Management software. Within this event, you will discover: Ways to improve firm workflow via client and task tracking How to... VIEW »

Grow and More Effectively Manage Your Firm via Tax Preparation and Workflow in the Cloud

Date: 04/25/13

This session focuses on cloud technologies that can lead to more efficient tax preparation, compliance and workflow processes. We’ll cover portals, scanning, data import, tax preparation, data and document management, electronic filing, workflow... VIEW »

Streamlining Accounting Research (ARM)

Date: 03/28/13

Learn research best practices from one of your peers! Join Tammy Straus, Quality Control Senior Manager from Grassi & Co., as she describes how they have streamlined research processes and increased efficiencies in their offices. In this... VIEW »

The State of Accounting & Audit - Year in Review

Date: 01/24/13

Start 2013 off of on the right foot! Join us and hear the latest in accounting and auditing developments from a CCH accounting and audit expert, Stephanie Lanke, CPA. Session topics include: Update on the most common and pervasive peer review... VIEW »

Today's Digital Practice - How the Cloud Can Add Value for Your Clients and Your Firm

Date: 01/08/13

It seems like everyone is talking about the cloud, but it's hard to know what's right for your firm. Separate the hype from the reality, and find out how the cloud is helping firms serve their clients more effectively. This one-hour discussion... VIEW »

Transform Client Relationships from Transactional to Consultative

Date: 12/13/12

Join Xero's Ian Vacin as he shares proven strategies and Xero Partner experiences on how accounting professionals can leverage modern cloud solutions to transform their relationships with clients from transactional, hourly relationships to... VIEW »

Building a Marketing Plan that Works

Date: 12/12/12

Join Darren and Sandy for a one-hour discussion covering critical issues for your firm, including: Defining an Effective Business Strategy Capitalizing on Your Strengths Implementing Tactics for Your Firm VIEW »

What's Next? What you need to know about the future of the paperless office

Date: 12/06/12

The paperless office isn’t a new concept, but the best practices for getting there are constantly evolving. Join this roundtable discussion featuring paperless experts from CCH as they talk about hot topics and relevant trends in paperless... VIEW »

Firm Analytics – What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Date: 09/19/12

Successful firms are actively engaged in finding and eliminating inefficiencies while growing the most lucrative parts of the practice. However, the flood of raw data available can be overwhelming. If you aren’t getting the most out of your... VIEW »

Leverage Technology to Make Payroll Profitable and Painless

Date: 09/12/12

Join Darren and Michael as they discuss the payroll market and the new online collaboration features and tools that help automate payroll processing and improve client service. VIEW »

Turn Non-billable Hours Into Billable Time Through Improved Knowledge Management

Date: 09/06/12

Gain a competitive edge by turning your firm’s walking-around knowledge into dynamic, re-usable data for the long-term. Join us and learn how, with CCH KnowledgeConnect, you can connect the right people to get the right information at the right... VIEW »

Portals vs. Secure Emails, Which is Right for Your Firm?

Date: 08/08/12

Join this live CPE webcast as Darren Root, a proponent of portals, and Steve Dusablon, who favors secure email delivery tools, engage in a lively discussion about which method is the best fit for practices. Their discussion will focus on why... VIEW »

Document Management at its Best: Gather – Process – Store – Deliver

Date: 06/28/12

Join Darren Root, CPA.CITP, Executive Editor of CPA Practice Advisor and Don Emery, CA, Director of Training Services, Doc.It Inc., and explore Document Management at its Best within your accounting practice. Professionals who attend the live webcast... VIEW »

Tax Year 2011 - Did Form 8949 Keep You Up At Night?

Date: 06/19/12

How did the new IRS reporting requirements impact your tax season? In this free one hour webinar we will discuss the new 1099 formats and their impact on your 2011 tax season. We’ll discuss technology that allows tax preparers to automate the... VIEW »

Common and Pervasive Peer Review Deficiencies – How Knowledge Coach Can Help!

Date: 06/19/12

Join us for a frank discussion on what peer reviewers consider to be the most common and pervasive mistakes firms make during an audit, and gain practical advice for filling these gaps. CCH Consultant, Stephanie Lanke, will share how to effectively... VIEW »

Building the Right Strategy: Document Management Best Practices and Considerations

Date: 06/07/12

Whether you’re about to implement a document management solution or researching options for your firm, this webinar is for you. Please join hosts CPA Practice Advisor and CCH for a discussion with three industry experts about best practices for... VIEW »

Building the Right Strategy: Firm Management and Workflow Best Practices and Considerations

Date: 05/30/12

Whether you're about to implement a workflow management solution or researching options for your firm, this webinar is for you. VIEW »

Knowledge Management: A Crucial Factor in Advancing Business

Date: 05/17/12

The volume and velocity of information is growing at a rapid clip, year over year. Keeping everything is no longer an option. Firms that successfully build and leverage their knowledge capital will thrive in today's fast-paced global economy. Join us... VIEW »

Building the Right Strategy: Document Management IT Best Practices and Considerations

Date: 04/03/12

Please join hosts CPA Practice Advisor and CCH for a discussion with three industry experts about best practices for achieving a smooth, successful document management implementation. They will share their knowledge — drawn from years of working... VIEW »