CPA Practice Advisor Webinars

CPA Practice Advisor’s free webinars offer live interaction with thought leaders in the accounting and tax profession. The live versions are eligible for CPE credit, allowing professionals to keep up with continuing education requirements online, and all webinars are archived for future viewing at any time.


Free CPE Webcast: Pricing on Purpose -- Creating and Capturing Value

Date: 05/19/15

featuring Ron Baker. Understanding how people make buying decisions is a key component to any successful pricing strategy. By grasping the concepts of how consumers are influenced you can be better equipped to price successfully and increase your... REGISTER »


Sales and Use Tax Compliance: File Returns with Ease - Free CPE Webcast

Date: 03/31/15

Earn 1 Free CPE Credit During Live Webinar Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 2pm EST/11am CST With thousands of sales tax jurisdictions, as well as tax rules and rates in the United States, preparing returns that are in compliance can be time-consuming... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: Powerful Ways to Win At Payroll

Date: 01/28/15

The role of the Trusted Advisor continues to evolve, as disruptive technology and client expectations change. This has had a dramatic effect on the role of the Trusted Advisor. VIEW »

Webcast: Building Client Confidence by Understanding Workers' Compensation

Date: 12/16/14

Workers compensation is a mandatory part of doing business. Join us for a session that will help you understand the detail of this coverage. Learn about this mandatory coverage, employee classifications, coverage exclusions, as well as the audit... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: How WithumSmith+Brown Improved Risk Assessment and Profitability

Date: 08/28/14

Join Jim Bourke and Brian Siet for an interesting discussion around the challenges WS+B faced during audits that drove them to make a change and how they strengthened their audit process through the adoption of ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach. VIEW »

Data Management Strategies That Will Change the Game for Your Clients and Your Firm - Free CPE Webcast

Date: 08/04/14

From building better client relationships to uncovering costly inefficiencies, the secret to long-term profitability is hidden in your firm's data. The flood of raw data available can be overwhelming, but a few simple steps can put you on the path to... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: Electronic Signatures and the IRS – Everything You Need to Know!

Date: 07/15/14

Misinformation abounds regarding electronic signatures on tax returns. Join this session to gain an understanding of how and where e-signatures can be used. From this event, you will: VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: Game-Changing Strategies for Leveraging Your Firm's Data

Date: 06/10/14

Successful firms are actively engaged in finding and eliminating inefficiencies while growing the most lucrative parts of the practice. However, the flood of raw data available can be overwhelming. If you aren't getting the most out of your firm's... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: 7 Key Benefits When Using Practice Management Solutions

Date: 05/20/14

This class will cover the benefits firms experience when using Practice Management Solutions. We will discuss the latest technologies used to become a digital firm. We will explore methods that improve efficiencies and increase billable time and... VIEW »

Free CPE Webcast: Modernize YOUR Back Office

Date: 05/14/14

As an accounting professional, you do all that you can to help your clients create better processes and save time and money...shouldn’t you do the same? Don’t let another week go by continuing to operate your businesses with antiquated processes... VIEW »

Game-Changing Document Management Strategies - Free CPE Webcast

Date: 05/08/14

When evaluating document management strategies, some firms struggle with how to implement best practices in a way that makes sense for the firm's unique needs. What works for one firm sometimes needs to be modified to work somewhere else. VIEW »