Transform Client Relationships from Transactional to Consultative

Join Xero's Ian Vacin as he shares proven strategies and Xero Partner experiences on how accounting professionals can leverage modern cloud solutions to transform their relationships with clients from transactional, hourly relationships to consultative ones that place the accounting professional back as the Trusted Advisor. Specifically, learn the process (with easy to follow steps) to move your once a year clients (like write-up / tax clients) to be monthly paying consultative relationships. Gain perspective on the process, the conversations, and the outcomes of these new relationships and revenue streams.

This one-hour discussion will cover critical issues for your firm, including:

  • Learn how to identify the right opportunities to reposition
  • Learn the step-by-step process on moving the relationship to a long-term consultative one from the start
  • Get key tips and tricks on how to leverage these opportunities to drive further efficiencies and increase your value-added services