2014 Review of iChannel by Conarc

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms of 25 or more who need an integrated document management, client portal, project management, and CRM capabilities


  • A comprehensive document management suite which now includes support for drag and drop import and e-Signatures.
  • iChannel has an integrated portal module which supports common client interactions, including requesting files, receiving responses to requests, and publishing final engagement deliverables.
  • Integrated tool designed to provide document management, client portal, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM) functions to mid-sized and larger firms
  • Project management and workflow is impressive, and allows users to route tasks to individuals or groups
  • Web-based application with options for on-premises, hosted, and managed server deployment
  • Prepackaged integrations with common CPA firm applications, including CCH ProSystem fx suite apps (Tax, Engagement, Practice, and Scan) as well as Caseware Working Papers, Intuit Lacerte Tax, Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS, and XCM Workflow.

Potential Limitations

  • The power and flexibility of this product also increases the complexity of its initial configuration.  The flexibility requires firms to have a well thought out organization and indexing scheme for their documents before they can begin using the tool.  As a result, this product may not be the best solution for firms of 25 or fewer and/or firms without an internal IT function.


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