2014 Review of CCH Axcess Document & ProSystem fx Document

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms who use either the CCH professional application suites (CCH Axcess and CCH ProSystem fx), organizations who need the product’s capabilities for integrating with information technology systems (active directory) and organizing documents by department or practice area.
  • Organizations who want to rely on Wolters Kluwer for commercial data and application hosting in the organization’s high-availability commercial data center should opt for CCH Axcess or ProSystem fx Document. Those who want to store documents on in-house servers should consider ProSystem fx Document.


  • Good integration with the ProSystem fx and CCH Axcess suites of applications, including ProSystem fx Client Portal, the PDFlyer Adobe Acrobat add-in, as well as the traditional Tax, Engagement, and Practice Management applications.
  • Powerful product which can be used in complex IT environments, and has tools for network administrators.
  • Users can route documents, have threaded discussions, and create and respond to review notes from within the application.
  • Structured indexing hierarchy, customizable fields, and full text search of files simplify the process of finding the information you want.

Potential Limitations

  • Firms who work with applications from multiple publishers will find that the third party applications will not be as tightly integrated as the CCH applications.
  • The ProSystem fx Suite does not have a single unified client database like CCH Axcess, so the integration works differently, and users may have to maintain some user and client setup data in more than one ProSystem fx application.

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