2014 Review of Thomson Reuters GoFileRoom

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms who use other Thomson Reuters products, including GoSystem Tax RS, Practice CS, and AdvanceFlow.  GoFileRoom can also be used very effectively with the Thomson Reuters CS Professional suite.


  • Flexible cloud-based document management system with optional workflow and enterprise IT integrations.
  • Add-ins for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook) make it possible to save documents from within these applications, although Office 2013 was still not supported as of this writing (early July 2014)
  • Simple graphical user interface and file cabinet organization for file drawers is easy for most users to understand
  • Flexible index fields make it easy to customize each file drawer to meet the requirements of almost any practice
  • Integrated FirmFlow workflow management application and TaxSort 1040 document recognition software

Potential Limitations

  • Product is not available for on-premises deployment, and only supports Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Add-in support for new versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office  has lagged behind the launch of major new product versions by as much as a year.
  • GoFileRoom is relatively unstructured, so firms adopting this product will need a plan to design and implement the index fields, workflows, and user training needed for successful adoption

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