2014 Review of Acclivity AccountEdge Pro 2014

Best Fit: Growing small and mid-sized businesses needing strong reporting options and advanced features, such as warehousing with multiple geographic locations and multi-currency capabitlities.


  • Supports advanced features like multiple currencies and multiple warehouses, and also has related integrated products for web store/shopping cart and point of sale.
  • AccountEdge Pro 2014 has a strong Mac OS version, and company data files are designed to be hosted and accessed by up to 10 users with either the Windows or Mac OS version of the application.
  • Strong reporting with many options for export and customization built-in, including export to CSV, PDF, Excel, and HTML.  Users can also use third-party report writers with the available ODBC connection to the application’s database.
  • Acclivity provides active public accounting firms with multiple paying clients with a complimentary copy of AccountEdge Pro 2014 upon request.

Potential Limitations

  • The available add-on products and services for the application (as shown on the Company’s website) are fairly limited, and integrations to common tools like the SalesForce.com CRM system are not available.
  • Although the application supports foreign currency translations and adjustments, users must manually update the exchange rates used for calculating the adjustment.

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