2014 Review of QuickBooks Premier

Best Fit: Companies who need a mature product with a wide range of options for almost any business, including inventory (weighted average cost), simple assemblies, light job costing, estimating and progress billing of projects, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting. Also, users who prefer a forms-driven solution where items can be used to create templates which assign transactions to general ledger accounts


  • QuickBooks Premier has a wide range of add-on products and will integrate at some level with most mass-market small business applications which offer integration with business management applications.
  • Good application for both accountants and clients, with many reports, supported industries, and commercial hosting options.
  • Client Data Review tools for external accountants in all editions significantly increase the efficiency of the process of cleaning up common errors.
  • New interface makes the user interfaces of the desktop version of the product (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant) more consistent with QuickBooks Online, although there are still significant differences between the PC-based and web-based versions of the product.

Potential Limitations

  • While primary telephone support for members of the company’s ProAdvisor program for accounting professionals is from U.S. based accounting professionals, most calls from non-members are routed to offshore call centers for support.
  • Some moderately advanced accounting features (e.g. combined financial statements, FIFO inventory, multi-location inventory, more than five users) require companies to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (not reviewed here).  QuickBooks Pro users are limited to three simultaneous users.

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