2014 Review of Avalara Sales Tax Systems

Best Firm Fit:

  • Organizations which must comply or help others comply with sales and use tax, VAT, and similar tax regimes in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Firms and clients that want the flexibility to outsource jurisdiction identification and tax calculation from within over 300 accounting, ERP, and eCommerce solutions.
  • Organizations that want to collect and manage exemption certificate compliance
  • Firms and clients who want to outsource return preparation and compliance to a third party for either premises-based sales and use tax or streamlined sales tax.


  • AvaTax Calc verifies address against a constantly updated database of addresses, tax rates, and jurisdiction boundaries, and it has direct integrations for use as a sales and use tax engine for over 300 accounting, ERP, e-commerce, and point of sale applications.
  • AvaTax Calc is one of the only applications which can determine the tax jurisdictions based on latitude and longitude coordinates for construction sites and other locations where a street address is not available.
  • AvaTax Certs allows customers to electronically request exemption certificates via e-mail, and allows recipients to sign digital exemption certificates with a mouse.
  • AvaTax Certs has tools for exporting exemption certificates en masse for use in audits.
  • AvaTax MatrixMaster is a subscription database for retailers which allows them to determine and update the taxability of over ten million items in thousands of jurisdictions based on a product’s UPC code.
  • Avalara Returns can prepare and remit sales tax returns even if the customer did not use AvaTax for the sales tax calculation.
  • An online version of AvaTax TrustFile is available as a free sales tax compliance solution for small e-commerce sellers who use Amazon Fulfillment and PayPal.

Potential Limitations

  • The application is designed primarily for use by companies as part of ongoing transaction processing, and it does not include built-in self-prepared e-filing or payment options.

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