2014 Review of Practice Management 2014 – Office Tools Professional

Best Fit: Firms from 2 to 50  who need an integrated tool for storing and retrieving documents, staff workflow, time and billing, and light CRM capabilities.  Practice Management 2014 is particularly well suited for firms who want to Increase the effectiveness of their communication between members of their team and those who wish to make it easier for administrative staff and paraprofessionals to answer routine client questions.


  • Practice Management 2014 from Office Tools Professional offers a wide range of features, and is the only application included with this review which integrates time tracking, billing, light CRM capabilities, work status tracking, document storage, and a client portal into a single solution.
  • The application can run on a local server or be provided as a hosted solution from a number of commercial hosting companies.
  • New features include an alert and instant messaging interface for communication within the firm, as well as integration with Intuit’s DemandForce marketing and communications application.
  • Practice Management 2014 now includes a AIMI (alert and instant messaging interface).  This solution makes it possible for team members to send each other instant messages from within the application.

Potential Limitations

  • Practice Management 2014 is designed as a single integrated application to accomplish multiple tasks within a firm.
  • Prior versions of the application have required a high end computer (Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM) to work effectively.

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