2014 Review of Empire Suite by WSG Systems, Corp.

Best Fit: Mid-sized and larger accounting firms who need scheduling and resource management, invoicing of time and expenses, and customer relationship management.


  • Empire Suite is one of the only tools in this review which includes both customer relationship management as well as staff scheduling.
  • The Empire Resource scheduling module can be used along with CCH Axcess Practice and ProSystem fx Practice Management and has good out of the box integration.
  • The application is used by firms as small as seven users, and effectively supports firms with thousands of users across multiple offices. 
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, with embedded metadata on projects included within appointments and other records in Outlook.
  • Empire Suite is available as a Software-as-a-Service cloud system, installed or as a private-cloud.

Potential Limitations

  • The staff scheduling module in particular requires a large staff pool to use effectively.  The Company reports that most of their staff scheduling users have 20 or more field auditors, and 40 or more total users.

Empire Suite by WSG Systems, Corp. is a high-end practice management tool designed for large firms. Empire Suite includes an optional staff scheduling module called Empire Resource, and is one of the stronger automatic scheduling tools in the industry. The application is delivered as software as a service through the company’s website, EmpireSuite.com, and is sold on a subscription basis.

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