2014 Review of CAM Commerce Retail Star

Retail Star, from CAM Commerce, is a comprehensive POS and front/back office management tool.  Designed with specialty retailers in mind, Retail Star is a modular system, so users can choose the modules they need and add on to their system when necessary.   

Best Fit:  Retail Star is a completely integrated system originally designed with larger specialty retailers in mind, but with the availability of Retail Star Lite, even smaller retailers can reap the benefits of this fully customizable system.

Product Strengths

  • Modular design provides excellent product scalability
  • Two versions – Regular and Lite put the program within the reach of all but the smallest retail businesses
  • Product offers complete accounting system along with POS functionality
  • Complete brick and mortar – web integration
  • Excellent system customization capabilities for just about any type of retail business

Potential Weaknesses

  • Complex system setup that requires significant time and manpower investments
  • System pricing may place it out of the reach of smaller/less established retailers


With Retail Star now available in a ‘Lite’ version, retailers large and small can reap the benefits of utilizing this excellent POS system.  Currently, Retail Star Lite is available for under $100.00 per month.  Retail Star pricing is available directly from CAM Commerce upon request. 


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