2013 Review of CCH ProSystem fx Site Builder

Best Firm Fit

  • Firms who use CCH applications for client engagements, especially those who utilize ProSystem fx Portal and the product’s FileShare module.
  • Firms who wish to share syndicated CCH content with clients.


  • Good integration with a wide range of CCH products, including ProSystem fx Portal, CCH Tax Guide content, toolkits for Financial Planning and Business Owners, ProSystem fx Tax Notebook, and Gainskeeper Pro.
  • CCH tax content can be scrolled across website, and can be customized to show only targeted states.
  • Includes a good newsletter tool with syndicated content, and custom content can be added by the firm to meet the needs of their client base.
  • Some of the available templates include page layouts for viewing on either a computer or on a mobile device.
  • ProSystem fx Site Builder includes a library of financial tools, web-based calculators, as well as a lead generator module which tracks inquiries from the website.

Potential Limitations

  • There is not a simplified blog application (e.g. Wordpress, Movable Type) which directly integrates with the application, although this can be added to a firm as a separate domain or subdomain (e.g. firmnameblog.com or blog.firmname.com).
  • While CCH has a wide array of templates (70+), creation of a new custom web template is a fee-based consulting service.


CCH Site Builder is the website creation tool from CCH, part of Wolters Kluwer.  The application is a template-driven website generator which allows firms to use a menu-driven application to create an internet presence for a firm.  Firms can either bring their existing internet domain name (e.g. firmname.com) to CCH for use with the subscription, or CCH will assist the firm in obtaining a domain name and pay the first year’s charges.  (After the first year, domain renewal fees are approximately $20 per year.)

Summary and Pricing

Pricing is tiered based upon a number of options, with annual subscriptions available starting at $785 per year.   Optional content and toolkits including items such as the Financial Planning Toolkit, Business Owner’s Toolkit, ProSystem fx Portal, and a client-facing Tax Guide are sold separately, with pricing available upon request.

Site builder includes support for both Google Analytics as well as basic tools for search engine optimization.  Sites can also include social media icons in the website and e-newsletters to drive contacts to interact with the firm online.  Firms can integrated an appointment calendar into the site as well as share financial calculators which have been rewritten to work on most smartphones and tablets.