2013 Review of Chrometa 4.5

Best Firm Fit: Chrometa is an excellent tool for capturing user activity on a personal computer for individuals and teams. This tool is best for timekeepers who want to log the applications and documents accessed so that they can create a detailed time diary from the history.

The tool may also fit well for small practitioners who bill for all of their time entries based on actual time at hourly rates. Finally, the tool’s integration with a number of cloud-based solutions make it attractive for those who need to add a personal and team time tracking tool to the supported web applications.


  • Chrometa is a web-based time tracking application which integrates with many cloud-based project management, accounting, and small law firm billing applications.
  • Mobile apps and PC/Mac software allow users to track and log activities on a device automatically.
  • An easy to use application which simplifies the task of creating a diary of the time spent on client tasks.
  • Includes live support chat on website and within application. Live chat is available from 8am - 8pm Eastern time.

Potential Limitations

  • Chrometa has very limited client management, invoicing and reporting options, although the application interfaces with certain third party billing systems in higher tier plans.
  • The limits on stored data within the application restrict this product to a time capture tool for organizations who may keep a project for months or years before closing it out.

Summary & Pricing

Chrometa is an exceptional tool for time tracking, and will automatically create and sync time entries for computer-based activities as well as calls on mobile devices. The invoicing function is very basic, but the interface with outside applications makes it possible to use other applications for client invoicing.

Timekeepers who struggle to maintain an accurate diary of their activities will find this program creates amazingly detailed logs of all tasks performed on a PC or Mac which can be annotated and exported for detailed time reporting.

Chrometa offers plans for individuals and teams starting at $19.00 per user, per month for a limited account with two weeks of stored data, up to $49.00 per user, per month for a premium account with 12 months of stored information.