2013 Review of Sage Timeslips 2014 Edition

From the Nov. 2013 issue.

Best Firm Fit: Small and mid-sized professional service firms who need a robust time and billing solution which integrates with numerous other applications. Organizations who want a product with a strong ecosystem of integrated products and services, as well as a network of third party consultants. 


  • Traditional, locally installed application which supports up to 10 simultaneous users and many more timekeepers.
  • Flexible configuration with macros/scripting and customizable terms (e.g. bill, invoice, charge, etc.) allow users to make the application better match their individual needs.
  • Syncs with Sage 50 (US version) and QuickBooks, and can create general journal entries for other applications as needed.
  • Optional cloud-based Timeslips eCenter allows users to enter time and expenses from anywhere using a web browser.

Potential Limitations

  • Although Sage offers a program for commercial hosting of the application for third parties, the Timeslips website does not currently list any authorized commercial hosts.
  • The powerful project management and reporting tools in this application may require training for users to properly configure and implement in their firms.

Summary and Pricing

Sage Timeslips is a powerful, customizable time and billing application which is designed for small to mid-sized firms, and can be extended to support larger firms using a subscription-based web-based time and expense portal. The product has over 100 build-in reports, as well as tools for creating and modifying custom reports. A wide range of training and consultant options are available for firms who would like to implement Timeslips, and data can be synchronized with a number of law firm applications and accounting products.

Sage Timeslips is available for computers running Microsoft Windows, and pricing starts at $499.99 for a single user. Network installations can support up to 10 simultaneous users.


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