2013 Review of Paychex Online

Best Firm Fit: Accounting professionals looking to service a number of clients through a streamlined, web-based payroll solution


  • Outsourced payroll reducing the need for accountant to cue up all required payments
  • May access service through web browser or dedicated mobile apps
  • Single sign-on access for accounting professional prevents toggling between multiple client files

Potential Limitations

  • Limited HR functions without subscribing to additional services

Summary & Pricing

Paychex Online is a web-based payroll solution designed to quickly process payroll. Though not specifically designed with accounting professionals in mind, the service provides a number of accountant centric features. One feature, single sign on access, allows accounting professionals access to all payroll clients on the Paychex Online platform removing the need for multiple user name and login combinations.

Pricing for Paychex Online is typically done through package offerings based on user needs. Package pricing is largely dependent on the number of paychecks to process and the payroll cycle. The average cost to process 10 employee paychecks per week starts at around $50 per payroll run.