2013 Review of SurePayroll for Accountants

Best Firm Fit

Accounting professionals looking to build or expand their payroll service offerings through a web-based interface


  • Quick and easy generation of payroll, especially for salary employees
  • Includes a number of accountant centric tools for free
  • Mobile apps are significantly more refined than competitors
  • Integration points for other web-based benefit providers

Potential Limitations

  • Employee limitation of around 100 employees within each payroll company
  • No custom reporting options


Summary & Pricing

SurePayroll for Accountants is a web-based payroll platform designed for accounting professionals to manage payroll. The platform includes a number of tools for accounting professionals to brand themselves as payroll specialists and provides opportunities to resell payroll services through a wholesale pricing model. Currently the wholesale pricing model consists of four separate tiers determined solely by the number of payroll clients processed.

All pricing options include unlimited payroll processing each month for each respective payroll client and also includes all direct deposit options. Example pricing for an accounting professional processing 10 payroll clients with 10 employees each would be priced at $50/month for each payroll client. Nominal fees apply per additional employee and for all annual W-2 and 1099 processing.