2013 Review of Reliable Softworks LLC - ReliaSale – Version 12

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Best Fit: ReliaSale, from Reliable Softworks LLC is a point of sale system designed for high-end retail dealers that offer appliances, furniture, outdoor equipment or high-end electronic devices. ReliaSale fits the need of these specialty retailers by providing comprehensive inventory control functionality, flexible product delivery options, and serial number tracking, and an integrated quoting system. ReliaSale is available as a server version or via the Cloud.

In business since 2008, Reliable Softworks LLC offers point of sale solutions to high-end retailers, and also offers ReliaServ, a field service system designed to integrate with ReliaSale. ReliaSale contains a robust inventory system designed for appliance, furniture, and similar retailers and offers users a compact, robust system in a user-friendly package


  • Product setup is handled by software vendor
  • Robust Inventory Management module
  • Available in two versions – Cloud-based subscription and in-house server version
  • Browser based system allows easy order processing using iOS or Android mobile devices
  • Excellent reporting capability

Potential Weaknesses

  • Narrow market excludes many retail types
  • Significant time investment required


The home screen of ReliaSale contains a series of tabs at the top offering quick access to all system functions. Available features are quickly updated once a tab is clicked. Buttons on screen offer quick access to system features within each module, and a user manual is available for quick access from any screen in ReliaSale. Users can easily adjust the size of the screen fonts in ReliaSale. ReliaSale is full of data entry and system navigation shortcuts and tricks, including the “Save Zone, which displays any field that contains data that has not been saved. Clicking on a designated field will save the data, working as the ‘Enter’ button on a computer does. The roller ball of a user mouse can also function as a scroll device, allowing users to scroll through records. The Hover Tool allows users to hover over fields, where is will display information and data relevant to that particular field.

ReliaSale comes with Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Maintenance, Other Systems, and Messages. Under the Sales option, users can begin a quote/order, look up a customer, schedule or check on deliveries, process returns, run reports, and send out surveys. Entering a sale is a very structured process, with users accessing tabs from left to right to proceed in the sale. Users can easily toggle between screens while processing sales, and can return to a previous screen at any time to change or delete data. ReliaSale is designed to record detailed information about each customer.

Users can easily enter all customer information at the time of the sale. This system is powerful from the start, with smaller big-item retailers able to easily scale up their sales using this product. System security options allow managers to create a profile for each user and clearly define the system features each user will have access to.

The Dash is a dashboard function that quickly provides users with a snap shot of specific key indicators such as invoices, orders, quotes, or other data. These indicators can be displayed by day, month, or even year to date, and are easily and quickly accessible on any smartphone. Search options are available on all data entry screens, with users able to search for a customer or product using a variety of search criteria, including product purchased or date of purchase. ReliaSale easily supports multiple locations, and can be set up to create a main or headquarters location during initial product setup.

ReliaSale’s robust inventory module easily handles multiple sales prices, with users able to view and adjust pricing during the sale. Users can easily print orders after processing, or email them directly to customers. Another benefit to ReliaSale is that users can download product catalogs directly into their inventory, and using Cloud technology, ReliaSale is available from just about anywhere using an iPhone or Smartphone. The Web Fronts Export capability allows users to integrate existing inventory control functionality with an existing website.


Mentioned earlier, the Web Fronts Export capability allows users to link current inventory to an existing website, ensuring the product totals are accurate and up to date. ReliaSale will accept any type of payment type, which can be set up to include the typical payment types as well as adjustments, credits, and 3rd Party payments.

ReliaSale can track in-depth information about all customers, including sales history, service agreements and calls, any returns and payment history. There is also an area to notate any problems, detail any messages, and attach related documents like service contracts. This makes it easy to check customer sales history while processing a sale. All sales are processed through the sales order option, and users can also easily link quotes to orders. The customer order also links to any existing purchase orders. Users can easily find existing orders using a variety of search criteria, making it easy to locate recent data as needed. Sales orders can also be processed using a smart phone or tablet. Retail establishments can also utilize an in-house gift card process, if desired.


ReliaSale offers a solid selection of sales reporting options such as Commission Reports, Customer Deposit Reports, Extended Warranty Reports, Sales by Product, and Inventory Reports by location, brand, or sales order status. Users simply choose a module to access all related reporting options. The report interface offers various buttons that provide links to reports. The Business Summary report provides users with business details such as Business Summary, Sales, Cash Flow, Management, Performance, and Service.

All reports can be customized as needed, with users able to export reports to Excel or print as a PDF. Perhaps its biggest strength is its inventory module that tracks all levels of inventory, from original purchase order to completed sales order. Inventory can be tracked by location, and users can easily run inventory performance reports that highlight sales by product, by brand, or by item. Best Seller reports are also available, as are inventory movement reports, using the criteria that a user desires. Customer email lists can be exported to Excel. ReliaSale provides excellent audit trail capability, with a Log icon on every screen that users can click to display every transaction that has been completed by every system user.


ReliaSale offers easy integration with its ReliaServ product, which manages maintenance contracts and tracks service and maintenance calls. ReliaSale also integrates with various accounting programs such as QuickBooks, with users able to easily set up data exporting set up in the Accounts Receivable option. ReliaSale offers an excellent delivery mechanism that allows users to set up deliveries at the time of sale. Multiple items can be easily delivered to multiple addresses, and a delivery schedule lets management see the delivery status of every order recorded in the system. ReliaSale integrates with point of sale hardware such as credit card readers, barcode scanners, PIN pads, and signature capture devices.

HELP/SUPPORT: 4.86 Stars

ReliaSale provides users with a complete set of user manuals which can be found online. Clicking on the ? icon on any screen will take users to context sensitive help. Training is all completed online, with users able to choose the classes they wish. An automated 24-hour support system is also available, with users able to send a support request email that will be automatically processed. Users can also call the support team, located at company headquarters in New Hampshire during regular business hours.


Reliasale from Reliable Softworks LLC is currently available on the Cloud as a subscription for $20.00 per user per month. A server version of the product is available as well. For large item retailers, ReliaSale is an excellent, economical solution to help manage every aspect of this niche area, from initial sale, to delivery.

2013 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars