Whitebirch Software, Inc.

Whitebirch Enterprise Planning

Whitebirch Enterprise Planning


Features & functionality

• Fast

Pre programmed with financial logic

• Flexible

Build the model to fit your business, not the other way around. Plan the way you think, using your unique parameters, both financial and non-financial.

• Scalable

Any number of accounts, departments, companies, divisions.

• Robust

Built by experts to be used by the Power Users, but also built with a user-friendly customizable interface for all levels of end-users

• Transparent

Full explanations of any number, driven by - used by analysis, drill down to any level

• Collaborative

Real-time collaboration with concurrent write capabilities.

• Comprehensive

Build models that can incorporate any aspect of your business. Roll up the cost of Roll ups!

• Secure

Protects sensitive information.


Key differentiators of Whitebirch Enterprise Planning (WEP):

If there was ever a time when you should consider a "best-of-breed" rather than a single supplier solution, this is it. Whitebirch is the first, and only, planning solution that automates the planning process from data collection to fully integrated financial statements. Because of the power and uniqueness of WEP, it is best explained and viewed in an interactive WebEx presentation where you can see the incredible, almost limitless capabilities of the software in action. If you permit us access to a slice of your data, we’ll use it in the demo so you can get a real worldview of what is possible with WEP. Producing the following reports with ease instead of stress…


• Integrated Financial Statements

• Plan vs. Actual reporting

• Cell-level footnotes:

• Multi-dimensional analysis

• Concurrent Reporting Hierarchies

• Automated Chart of Accounts import

• User/Role/Object-based permissions

• Complete Transparency

• Driven by - Used by analysis

• Powerful modeling

• Capital Asset Planning

• Employee Modeling

• Custom Workflow Process

• Deadlines and Reminders

• Customized Data Collection