New River Innovation Announces New Release of Beyond415

Application updated with a comprehensive list of new IRS issues

Greensboro, NC – August 16, 2011 New River Innovation announced today the August release of its post-filing application Beyond415 (version 1.3). The system has been updated with numerous individual and business IRS issues, notices, and document images, as well as a generic issue tool for generation of responses not yet available in the system. Beyond415 is the tax practitioner’s solution for dealing with IRS issues and notices, helping them manage clients all year long.

“Keeping up with updates from the IRS is a daunting task,” said Jim Buttonow, CPA, IRS practice and procedure expert, and cofounder of New River Innovation. “We stay on top of updates and make sure our application is current with this critical information, alleviating the accounting professional of the time-consuming task of staying current on all IRS changes.”

Core enhancements for this release include:

  • Updated Issues for Individuals and Business:
    • Individual: Accounting Discrepancies, Audit Reconsideration, Dependent Discrepancies, Field Audit, FTHBC, Identity Theft, Levies, Liens, Mail Audit, Office Audit, Past Due Returns, Spousal Relief, TAO, Underreporter, and Unpaid Balances.
    • Business: Account Discrepancies, Closing a Filing Requirement, Employment Tax,
      Field Audit, Levies, Liens, Past Due Returns, Penalties, and Unpaid Balances.
  • Generic Issue Section Added: Allows users to create responses for any issue not yet developed.
  • Notice Advisor Enhanced: Approximately 400 notices added in the system’s Notice Advisor feature that are linked to issues. More than 300 notice images added as well.

“Every update to Beyond415 serves to enhance the user experience,” Buttonow stated. “We want to ensure that practitioner’s always have current and accurate IRS information at their fingertips to maximum workflow efficiency. In turn, this enables the practitioner to better serve their clients.”

Beyond415 is offered at and through select tax and accounting software partners.


About Beyond415

Beyond415 automates post-filing practice and procedure and was developed specifically for tax professionals. The system helps firms save time, be prepared, and ease client concerns by providing expert guidance for analyzing a client’s situation, options for client IRS account research, and tools for solution evaluation and comparison. Practitioners can select and customize their response to an IRS issue. Beyond415 pre-populates the necessary documents, including IRS forms, customized cover letters, worksheets, cover sheets, and document request forms—all in the IRS’ accepted format. In its first year of release, Beyond415 was honored with a Technology Innovation Award from CPA Practice Advisor.

About New River Innovation

New River Innovation, based in Greensboro, NC, provides tax and accounting professionals with innovative IRS-support technology. The company’s flagship product, Beyond415, features workflow technology for post-filing IRS issues and notices. For more information about the company, visit


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