CPA Site Solutions Announces New Social Media Marketing System

WINOOSKI, Vermont, August 11, 2011 -- CPA Site Solutions releases a new social media marketing feature designed to make it easier for CPA and accounting firms to build better relationships online using social media.

Social media is an effective tool for building relationships with existing and potential clients, but requires consistent effort and regular posting. This is a difficult task for most accountants with websites for their CPA practices, especially during tax season when clients are most interested in getting tax advice--and accountants have the least amount of time to give it.

The Social Media Marketing System feature alleviates this problem by automatically posting financial and tax tips every week, straight from your accounting website to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

“You don’t have to lift a finger because it’s all automated,” says Brian O’Connell, President of CPA Site Solutions. “It requires absolutely no time commitment, making it easier for you to build your social media network and generate new business.”

Social Media is the fastest growing marketing strategy for small to medium sized businesses today. Nearly 65% of small and mid-size businesses use Twitter to network and attract new clients. Thirty percent of small businesses have company pages on LinkedIn, and more than 250 million people connect on Facebook through external websites like yours every month.

For more information about how accountants, CPA firms, and tax preparers can benefit from our automated Social Media Marketing System feature, visit

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