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Non-Profit Accounting Software Released for Cougar Mountain Software’s DENALI Product Line

Cougar Mountain Software was founded in 1982 with a vision to develop powerful business accounting, nonprofit accounting, and point of sale software solutions and their flagship product was nonprofit accounting software. They return to their roots with the release of DENALI FUND+Accounting, a nonprofit product that fits their robust next generation DENALI product line.


DENALI is a modular product, where users only need to buy what they need and DENALI FUND+Accounting includes General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules. These modules are bundled in a special package but users can still purchase the modules individually. Each DENALI module also integrates with all of the other DENALI modules and add-on products.


The main features of DENALI FUND+Accounting and their benefits are:


Accounts Payable

  • Set up system to automatically generate due to/due from entries
  • Receive alert for unapplied balance adjustments when funds differ
  • View 1099 types for each transaction on the Enter Bills Edit Report for your 1099-applicable vendors


Bank Reconciliation

  • View current balance of all funds for a selected account


General Ledger

  • Copy a chart of accounts from one fund to another for quick entry
  • Manage budgets quickly for one or more accounts or funds
  • Set up budget estimates for initial planning, then with two clicks, roll estimates to final budget amounts
  • Manage your rollover amounts easily for budgeting purposes
  • Export fund budgets for reporting purposes
  • Adjust your account segments, even their position, to meet your chart of account needs
  • Set up user-defined classifications for specialized reporting, such as the GASB 34 Statement
  • Filter or sort report data by individual funds for any of the many reports available
  • Print the FASB reports (Statement of Activities, Statement of Cash Flow, Statement of Financial Position)
  • Track donations through DonorExpress


Purchase Order

  • Encumber your orders for accountability purposes


All Denali products are built using the Microsoft® SQL Server database, which gives Denali extra speed, stability and multi-level security. Cougar Mountain Software’s in-house Custom Modification Department have also made great strides in customizing the Denali product line, which can make it an even better fit for any small and medium business.





About Cougar Mountain Software (  Founded in 1982, Cougar Mountain Software provides business accounting software and hardware solutions for more than 20,000 retail, wholesale, nonprofit and service-based businesses around the world. Its current product line includes DENALI Business+Accounting, DENALI FUND+Accounting, DENALI POS+Accounting, and CMS Pro Payroll.




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