Tech2Go Episode 5 - Sage Insights, Technology Innovation Awards, and Workflow Products

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Tech2Go is a fast-paced roundtable discussion with Executive Editor Gregory L. LaFollette, CPA.CITP, and regular columnists Brent Goodfellow, Dave McClure and Randy Johnston. These thought leaders tackle current technology issues impacting the tax and accounting profession. This month, the panel discusses the Sage Insights Conference, The Technology Innovation Awards, Workflow products, and then addresses a few listener questions. [Running time is 1:03:49]

Gregory L. Lafollette Gregory L. LaFollette CPA.CITP
Brent Goodfellow Brent Goodfellow CPA.CITP, MCSE, MST, MCT
Dave McClure Dave McClure
Randy Johnston Randy Johnston
Tech2Go Show Notes
  • Sage Insights Conference and “Eco-System† Group
    • Restructuring of Sage business divisions
    • Getting serious about the small and medium-sized business market
    • Tradeshow highlights
  • Workflow Products
    • XCM, SurePrep, Acct1st DMS, and more
    • Some disparity between systems for all the different workflows and software packages
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 customizable workflow for document sharing
    • Workflow good, but still not as integrated across the different products as it could be
    • Firms are saying that investment in workflow is worth the effort and money
    • Data management and Knowledge management become part of workflow
    • Adobe LiveCycle product for business workflow and PDF documents
  • Listener Questions
    • 16:9 aspect ratio monitors vs. older 4:3 aspect ratio
      • More screen real estate at an inexpensive price
      • New software interfaces arranged to take advantage of wider monitors
      • Rotating benefit from portrait to landscape mode for documents
    • Microsoft Annual Program (MPAN and ActionPack)