Tech2Go Episode 10 - Scanning Software, Windows Home Server, Entertainment Devices, and the Future

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Tech2Go is a fast-paced roundtable discussion with Executive Editor Gregory L. LaFollette, CPA.CITP, and regular columnists Brent Goodfellow, Dave McClure and Randy Johnston. These thought leaders tackle current technology issues impacting the tax and accounting profession. This month, the panel discusses "Scan and Organize" and "Scan and Populate" software, Windows Server 2008, Windows Home Server, Entertainment Devices, and the future of accounting technology. [Running time is 1:03:41]

Gregory L. Lafollette Gregory L. LaFollette CPA.CITP
Brent Goodfellow Brent Goodfellow CPA.CITP, MCSE, MST, MCT
Randy Johnston Randy Johnston
Tech2Go Show Notes
  • Thanks to our Sponsor: ADP ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
  • “Scan and Organize/Populate† Software
    • Intuit will no longer offer Source Doc Auto-Entry
    • Copanion is launching a new “Scan and Organize† product
    • SurePrep “paved the way† in this category
    • Thomson will have a limited release of a product in this category soon
    • CCH has two products in this space
  • New Podcasts
    • Small Business Consulting 2 Go
      • Greg LaFollette and Doug Sleeter
    • Accounting Firm Security 2 Go
      • Greg LaFollette and Dave Ciesleck
  • Windows Home Server
    • OEM Software is in the market and available now through distribution channels like NewEgg.
    • Retail availability will be through pre-built hardware from vendors like HP, Dell, Sony, etc.
    • Additional functionality to be added in a “service pack†-type release
  • Entertainment - DVRs, TiVO, Gaming, etc.
    • Xbox 360 integrates with Windows Media Center to use your TV for everything
    • HP Blackbird gaming computers
  • Look into the future of accounting technology
    • AICPA’s Top Technology Initiatives Survey will be published very soon on 29+ different technology initiatives and will be sent to members various accounting technology groups
  • Questions or Comments?
    • 1-800-456-0864 x2106